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Rebel Time Radio – Episode 2017/08/23

Rebel Time Radio is here for political punk rock for your ears! Tonight’s episode features tunes from Heyoka, Naked Aggression, Suggle! and a brand spankin’ new one from Propagandhi. We interview Sarah and Erin from Vancouver punk band Alien Boys as they make their was across Canada. Plus, we’ve got special guest DJ Jeff to spin some tunes. Now hit play already eh!

Download the episode here (right click and save the link!)

Tonight’s set:

  1. Propagandhi – Failed Imagineer
  2. Alien Boys – Don’t Shoot
  3. Oi Polloi – Boot Down the Door
  4. Naked Aggression – Right Now
  5. The Rebel Spell – More Heart
  6. MDC – Pollution
  7. Snuggle! – The Less We Believe
  8. Riot Porn – Side A
  9. Failed State – Get Back in Sea
  10. Argument? – Some of Them…
  11. Flower – When Their Final Building Falls
  12. Black Mold – Trust
  13. Heyoka – Sous Contrôle
  14. Jeunesse Apatride – Hochelega
  15. I Object – Teaching Revenge

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Live Interview with Canadian Electronic-band “Dragonette” on Sound FM !


Just incase you missed it earlier this month.. Now on the DJ Denim Mixcloud for your review and listening!  DJ Denim holds an interview with lead singer Martina Sorbara of Dragonette! Live interview and commercial Free DJ set from Nov. 8th, 2016.  Get the latest on Dragonette and their upcoming tour while catching one awesome DJ set!

Check out the DJ Denim mixcloud page for this episode and other past episodes of Denim Entertainment Radio in FULL on CKMS!

Listen Here: https://www.mixcloud.com/DenimnZeebrat/1003-sound-fm-denim-entertainment-radio-ep-114-live-dragonette-interview-dj-set/

Join DJ Denim for Denim Radio Live bi-weekly Friday nights at 10 pm! And remember… Hash Tag It on Social Media.. #DenimRadio !

Podcast – Alysha Brilla interview on The Hump with Janice Lee

I had the pleasure of having KW’s Alysha Brilla on my show Wednesday June 25th. Alysha is in the midst of a breakout year where she wrote, performed and produced her debut album “In My Head” on her independent record label Sunny Jam Records, and was nominated for a Juno this year in the Adult Contemporary category. We talk about Alysha’s musical influences, living in KW, the commercialization of music, how she quit her LA record label, women in music, and her trip to the Junos!

Check her website to watch all her cool music videos, buy a copy of her album, and find out where you can catch her playing next! AlyshaBrilla.com

The Hump radio show with Janice Lee airs Wednesdays from 12-1pm playing local and new music, with in-depth artist interviews coming every other week. The interviews will be podcasted here. Contact Janice at janice@soundfm.ca