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CKMS News -2024-06-20- Pay-what-you-can food market working with community gardens for fresh produce

CKMS News -2024-06-20- Pay-what-you-can community food market working with community gardens for fresh produce.

dan kellar

Kitchener, ON –
An initiative from Community Healthcaring Kitchener Waterloo has resulted in the region’s first consistent pay-what-you-can food market. Stemming from the organization’s integrated strategy around supportive health care, the market is a part of the Community Health and Wellness program, which also includes a weekly breakfast club, cooking skill-shares, and other capacity and community building activities.

While the market has been stocking its shelves since January through donations and the Second Harvest food rescue app, as the growing season blooms, the project is teaming up with community gardens to bring in more fresh produce.  

Located in the organization’s office at 44 Frances St. in Kitchener, the market is open to everyone from 9-5 Monday through Thursday, and Friday 8-4.

This show features an interview with Megan Vander Hoek, a food program worker at Community Healthcaring Kitchener-Waterloo, discussing the pay-what-you-can food market and the organization’s efforts to support healthier communities through food.