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CKMS Community Connections for 23 January 2023 with Peter Tudisco of the Kiwanis Club of Cambridge

Show Notes

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Peter Tudisco

Jeff Stager talks with Peter Tudisco of the Kiwanis Club of Cambridge about service clubs.

The interview starts at 6m59s.

Kiwanis Club of Cambridge

Peter Tudisco

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CKMS Community Connections
Steve Todd
0m28s Jeff Stager introduces Peter Tudisco, who introduces the first song.
2m19s Moondance Van Morrison Moondance (four small headshots of Van Morrison along the left side, one large headshot of Van Morrison turned one-quarter to the right below the text)
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6m59s Getting to know Peter Tudisco.
11m27s Fly Me To The Moon Frank Sinatra - Count Basie and his orchestra | It Might As Well Be Swing | arranged by Quincy Jones (disembodied heads of Frank Sinatra wearing a fedora and Count Basie wearing a captain's hat, surrounded by the song titles on the album in blue, green, and purple text; "It Might As Well Be Swing" is in red curly text swooping from top left to middle right)
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Frank Sinatra
14m04s Learning more about Peter, and his 25 years with Kiwanis and giving back to the community. His involvement with service clubs has enabled him to travel. Recently Peter has rekindled his interest in music.
21m12s Moonshadow Cat Stevens (text above an illustration of a young boy wearing a top hat, beside an orange cat, both sitting on the edge of a sidewalk in front of a broken fence with an old tree on the right, and the moon above the fence)
Teaser and the Firecat
Cat Stevens

Different service clubs have their own objectives and origins. Kiwanis has existed for 108 years, started in Detroit, Hamilton had the first Canadian Kiwanis club. Peter has just moved to Ayr, wants to start a Kiwanis club in North Dumfries.

The Kiwanis slogan is “Kids need Kiwanis”, its purpose is to improve the lives of children around the world, starting in their own communities. The ideas come from the communities where the clubs are. There is still a Moose Lodge in Kitchener. “Kiwanis” is a First Nations name, meaning “We trade”.

It’s not just about providing services, but there’s also the social aspects of the club. Even today there are gaps in services that Kiwanis fills.

Peter tells us about the “Fallen Sparrows” foundation, raising money for families with disabled children. Peter calls these experiences “Kiwanis moments”.

There are 17 countries in the Eastern Canada and Caribbean district, including the tip of South America.

Peter tells of the world-famous Kiwanis music festival. Elvis Presley was a Kiwanis “Key Clubber”, the student-led organization of Kiwanis.

36m40s Harvest Moon Neil Young - Harvest Moon (silhouette of a man wearing a coat with fringes, walking in a meadow under a cloudy sky)
Harvest Moon
Neil Young
41m32s Peter is setting up a new Kiwanis club in Ayr. The community is expanding. This would be for North Dumfries, including Clyde, Roseville, even Glen Morris. Peter tells us about the Information Meeting about the new club location. Peter tells of the other members involved in doing the work.
47m49s Dancing In The Moonlight King Harvest | Dancing in the Moonlight - Lady, Come On Home (B&W photo of six men standing on a street corner, some leaning against a lamp post, with ladders and old buildings in the background)
Dancing In The Moonlight – Lady, Come On Home
King Harvest

Peter repeats the invitation to the Information Meeting. A new club needs a minimum of 15 members, there will be an organizational meeting in February, and then they’ll apply to Kiwanis International to get their charter.

Peter tells us what he’s doing in the next 2 hours, 2 days, 2 weeks, 2 months, and 2 years.

56m29s End credits.

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