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Who Will Cut Our Hair When We’re Gone & Heavy Meta

Mano A Mano podcast of two great full albums on Concept Album available here:

Album:  Who will cut our hair when we’re gone?
Artist: The Unicorns
Year: 2003 – re-released in 2014
Notes:  This album is the Unicorns debut studio album. This is also their final album. The Unicorns released a self produced album and a few other smaller EPs but nothing as complete as this magnificent album.

Album:  Heavy Meta
Artist: The Mounties
Year: 2019
Notes:  Super group “The Mounties” released some instant classics on their first album “Thrash Rock Legacy”. This second album was released very quietly. The Album was released and Hawksley Workman toured his solo album, Ryan Dahle started planning a Limblifter re-release and Steve Bays started a brand new project with Prairie Cat. This album is absolutely fantastic! Check it out in the podcast above!

Local Love Mano A Mano Battle

This week we feature 8 local (for the most part) stores or services that YOU should check out!

First, Guitar shops, sure Long and McQuade is great but if you are into acoustic guitars we have just the place for you: “BrickHouse”


Second, Worth a Second Look has a bunch of great used stuff. We could spend hours in there looking for old treasures!
97 Victoria St N, Kitchener, ON N2H 5C1

Third, Total Auto Service! These are the only people I trust with my car! They will tell you what needs to be done and doesn’t give you extra unnecessary crap. Their prices beat every other place we have used!

Fourth, The Blind Stitch. If you don’t want to have the same stuff as everyone else then check out The blind stitch. They make awesome sewn products and you can read a story behind various items that were just created

This one is obvious living here in the Waterloo region: Blackberry (formerly RIM) Even as they went through some tough times they still supported the community, including SoundFM and now that their products are AMAZING! go pick one up!

For our less Glutenous Mano Amigo’s we have Grandma’s Gluten Free Goods. I had one of these cupcakes at DJ Adrock’s house and even if you enjoy gluten…its worth it to be healthier and eat these cause they taste sooo good!

Second lastly, Start Communications. Unsatisfied with what some of the big named companies provide? These guys offer rates that are the exact same….only thing is, you get WAY more for the same rate! check them out here:


and Lastly but not leastly, Mastermind Toys.  This is a chain but has a small business feel to it. They have great selection and good prices! Check em out!

If you have other great local buisnesses please send them to: manoamanoradio@soundfm.ca so that we can check them out and tell the community about these great places!