TUSP @ PWA at Alpine Club

The Underground Sound Project was at the PWA event in Kitchener at the Alpine Club on September 17th 2016.

What a night in Kitchener!

1. Reckless Ryan Swift defeated Ben Ortmanns
2. Notorious Tid defeated Atlantis
3. Beautiful Beaa defeated Patsy Blue to remain Elite Womens Champion
4. Elian Habanero defeated Jesse Bieber
5. Carl XL Leduc defeated Andrew Davis
6. Mike Hart/Lance Malibu/Lenny Lilac defeated Corey Spade/Jimmy King/Joey Allen in a no hold barred match

The #1 Wrestling Podcast on the FM dial in the region was there to enjoy some local grassroots wrestling! TUSP will be LIVE this Thursday 4-6 to recap everything that happened. Check out some pictures here.


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