Wektoberfest with Kandle and 54-40

This October we ventured out to Wektoberfest which was an AWESOME day!

wpid-20141019_183725.jpgI got there after all the Dragons Den festivities went down, but after talking with a few Toronto business owners (who thought I was in one of the bands) they said that the morning was was awesome too! Perhaps they got lucky and Mike Wekerle liked their business!?!

The early part of the festival was a time for business owners to mingle, connect and to pitch their idea and possibly get feedback or funding from the newest dragon Mike Wekerle. Check out the event website here: http://www.wektoberfest.com/

wpid-1413767098092.jpgUpon thinking about it later…it would have been good to see if he was interested in a Canadian Arts and Culture promoting Audio Comic…. I didn’t look into all that part before the festival and at one point I had a millionaire (!?!) dancing right beside me! Anyways, I went for the great music he brought in: Kandle and 54-40. Kandle was playing a wicked set (this is the first time I have seen her live) when Mike Wekerle got on stage with Neil Osborne and danced in the background as seen above. The Kandle set was sooo good! I was able to chat with her briefly about it before one of my favourite bands of all time got to the stage!


As always 54-40 played a great flawless set! What was fun, the crowd was challenged to out-sing Mike Wekerle who was singing back-up at one point. The crowd was right into the 54-40 hits and were obviously right into this request. Then to close out the set…I have never seen 54-40 do this before, they invited anyone on the stage to dance with them.


This whole evening was quite exciting and I would have to say that my first Wektoberfest was a HIT! I hope Mike Wekerle will run this event yearly!!!

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