5 thoughts on “81 82 83 84 Season 1 Episode 50: I’m Tired of Waking Up Tired”

  1. The Diodes did “I wanna go to New York City” did they not?

    I think I saw them at “The Edge” in Toronto.

    Great set list Lee!

    1. Actually that was the Demics, Alex. Another great local band from the same timeframe – slightly edgier and angrier than the Diodes but another that was great to see live. Thanks for listening!

      1. Ah yes..the Demics. Era of Queen St. Bands like The Government, Hi-Fis, Customers…..bars like the Cabana room…the Beverly…Larry’s Headspace, The Edge…….great era!

  2. I saw The Diodes at the Cedar Lounge in London, Ontario around 1982 on a Wednesday night, only a few people in the room drinking Labatts Blue in Quarts Bottles……….good show!

    Gary Van Osch

    1. The Diodes always put on a good show! I saw them in the K-W area several times. Not exactly sure where though – I was probably drinking quart bottles so… 🙂

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