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CKMS Community Connections for 27 January 2020 with the Social Development Centre Waterloo Region

Show Notes

Angela, Aleksandra Petrovic, and Charles Nichols sitting at microphones in the studio
Angela, Aleksandra Petrovic, and Charles Nichols
Angela, Aleksandra Petrovic, and Charles Nichols from the Social Development Centre join Bob Jonkman. We talk about housing, the need for experienced living in policy making, and get some practical experience running the CKMS-FM sound board for a future SDCWR show and podcast.

If you’d like to volunteer or be interviewed by Charles Nichols for the podcast please call the Social Development Centre at +1‑519‑579‑3800

The interview starts at 9m37s.



Download: ckms-community-connections-2020-01-27.mp3 (53.7 MiBytes, 58m42s, episode 37)

Podcast Index

There was so much Social Development to discuss today that we didn’t get to all the artists on our playlist. Never fear, they’re in our digital music library and will be played on future episoses!

  • 00m25s: Loss | Jean Paul de Roover (album cover showing an aerial view of an unmade bed)Jean-Paul de RooverWreck from the album Loss
  • 04m20s: (no text - album cover for Tusk II by Royal Tusk showing a hand making the peace symbol with the extended fingers severed)Royal TuskDie Knowing from their second album Tusk II
  • 09m37s: Angela, Aleks, and Charles talk about the Civic Hub WR, the SDCWR Tax Clinic, and supports for affordable housing through RENT, Disability and Human Rights group, ALIVe; using volunteer opportunities and technology to enable social justice actions.
  • 23m07s: Union Duke | Atlas of Love (single cover)Union DukeAtlas of Love
  • 26m43s: Discussing more housing issues, issues with shelters, gentrification,
  • 41m58s: Fettish Band poster showing four Asian girlsFettishBubble Tea Boy
  • 45m17s: How to volunteer for an interview with Charles Nichols: Call +1‑519‑579‑3800; the Civic Hub is available to any small, grass-roots organization, see
  • 48m45s: Portrait of LexxiconLexxiconLucky Lucky from Bashment Trap House
  • 51m37s: Get training to start your own show on CKMS-FM; summing up today’s talk.
  • 55m45s: Worth The Wait by 100 mile house single cover)100 mile houseWorth The Wait from the Love You Or Leave You album

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