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CKMS Community Connections for 28 June 2021 — A #CanCon Episode

Show Notes

This is the week in which we used to celebrate Canada Day. That’s not happening, but there’s no reason to not celebrate incredible Canadian musicians. Stay tuned over the summer for interviews with some of these musicians, and when the studio re-opens we may have some Live, On-Air, In-Studio performances!

Music Index

Time Title Album Artist
0m00s Theme for CKMS Community Connections
Introduction by Bob Jonkman
CKMS Sunflower logo
CKMS Community Connections
Steve Todd
0m49s Confusion Confusion | Clarissa Diokno  (photo of Clarissa Diokno head with her hair blowing in the air)
Clarissa Diokno
3m51s Won’t Take My Embrace Hypnotic Mirage | Won't Take My Embrace (ping and orange patterns as a background, with a prominent circle around the words)
Hypnotic Mirage
7m56s Gone With The Wind Gone With The Wind | Eryn Young (text on a background of blue and pink clouds)
Eryn Young
12m20s New Moon New Moon | Courtney Wolfe (illustration of a traffic mirror in a cityscape)
New Moon EP
Courtney Wolfe
13m46 Make Me Forget
16m30s Spiderman (headshot of Andy Klaehn playing saxophone)
Keith Murch and Andy Klaehn
20m43 Flip, Flop, and Fly John Lee and some members of the band on stage John Lee & The Hookers
24m40s Shoreline Athanase | Shoreline (a light blue triangle with  hands of a clock in waves on a dark blue background)
Immortal EP
29m06s Walking Away featuring CJ Cooper and Stacey Lee Guse Stewart McKie
Stewart McKie
33m27s Cowboy Chelsey Danfield | Cowboy (portrait of Chelsey Danfield surrounded by flowers)Cowboy Chelsey Danfield
36m34s A Lazy Day In June A Lazy Day In June (a bird files over pink clouds)(single) Taylor Davison
40m43s No More Violence Portrait of Alysha Brilla
Alysha Brilla
44m50s Sojourner (Image of JoJo Worthington split horizontally with vertical pencilled lines connecting the halves)
JoJo Worthington
47m42s Disaffected Scrolling Through Portrait of Incendiary Sweet (Victoria Feige) in a brick corner partialy in shadow)
Incendiary Sweet
50m28s Against All Odds Phöenix Lazare | Against All Odds (Phöenix Lazare sitting in a field at the edge of the woods)
Phöenix Lazare
53m44s House of the Rising Sun Moon & Mercury | Madison Galloway (Op Art illustration of mushrooms and other things)
Moon and Mercury
Madison Galloway
58m00s Bob Jonkman gives the extro credits, and Coal Mine plays out the hour. I, The Mountain | Coal Mine (an island with trees under a setting sun)
I, The Mountain

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