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CKMS Community Connections for 8 July 2019 with Sam Nabi

Sam Nabi

Sam Nabi wasn’t available today, so we pre-recorded his interview on 3 July 2019. But through the miracle of recorded sound, it’s as though he was right in the studio!

Show Notes

Gaukel Greenway

Where is the Gaukel Greenway?

Map showing a green line along Gaukel Street from Victoria Park to City Hall
Gaukel Greenway

The Tweet that rocked the community:

More Tweet Sweetness:


Side Hustle Shuffling

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Music List

  • 0h00m29s: Zizkov NightsAmetrom from the “Atelier Electro” album
  • 0h04m19s: Europe — Ametrom
  • 0h54m46s: Galactic Breakdown — Ametrom
  • 1h00m16s: GrouchTR/ST from the “Destroyer” album
  • 1h03m50s: Side Hustle Shuffle — Sam Nabi from the Late Convert album
  • 1h35m52s: Remember When — Sam Nabi
  • 1h40m39s: Godspeed — The Contortionist from the Clairvoyant CD
  • 1h46m02s: MomentaAURAS from the Binary Garden album
  • 1h59m24s: In The Back WoodsFog Blues and Brass Band


Download: ckms-community-connections-2019-07-08.mp3 (165 MiBytes, 1h59m55s, episode 15)

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Bonus Footage

Sam Nabi — Gaukel Greenway

(starts at 9 seconds)

Download: ckms-community-connections-2019-07-08-Sam Nabi – Gaukel Greenway.mp4 (862 MiBytes)

Sam Nabi — Side Hustle Shuffling

Download: ckms-community-connections-2019-07-08-Sam Nabi – Side Hustle Shuffling.mp4 (551 MiBytes)

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