Four arms of different skin tones are reaching out towards each other from four sides of the image. Each hand is clasping the wrist of the next arm, creating a square of hands/wrists in the middle of the image.

CKMS News – 2021-03-29 – It Takes A Village

Host: Trish Holmes

On today’s show are interviews with two different types of mutual aid and one interview with a charity.

The first interview is with the local chapter of Hockey Helps the Homeless, a long-standing charitable organization that raises money on behalf of local agencies.

The second interview is with Julie Sawatzky who started the 519 Community Collective during the dark days of the pandemic.

And finally, Father Toby Collins speaks about the affordable takeout dinner service started at St Mary’s Catholic Church in downtown Kitchener. Both last two are examples mutual aid within the community.

Each interview covers how the projects function, how they came to be, important initiatives, and ways to volunteer.

A picture with text. The picture is planks of wood, tightly placed beside each other. On the top right is a plate of food salad with arugula and tomatoes. There are two wooden spoons beside the plate sitting on a gingham cloth.  in Green text in the middle of the page is "519 Community Pantries" and below that in white text is "Take what you need. Leave what you can."
Used with permission from 519 Community Pantries.

This program is a part of the “Local Journalism Initiative” grant program and is funded by the Community Radio Fund of Canada, the Government of Canada, and the CKMS Newsroom. You can access the archives of this show on or on the national LJI website.

The music on today’s show has been ‘Fat Cartoon Jazz’ by Purple Planet Music .

The accompanying photograph was obtained from truthseeker08 on


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