S1 Episode 5: Detective J. Steel

This past Tuesday on “The Electrifying Session with DJ Jeff E JEff” we re-released Episode 5: Detective J. Steel while gearing up for the season 2 release. We also released the Season 2 promo that can be seen below. This is the first issue where DJ Steel is introduced into the story to help DJ AdRock figure out what is going on with his Mano A Mano co-host! This also brought Big Poppa Higgs in as the voice of DJ Steel.

Episode 5 Artwork by Fred Start:

Episode 5
Music in order of appearance by:
1) Mind of A Squid
2) Bella Clava
3) Fujahtive
4) K-OS
5) Falcon Punch
6) House of Velvet
7) Quarterback
8) Mise en Scene
9) Kid Koala
10) Yamantaka | Sonic Titan
11) The Tragically Hip
12) My Dad vs Your
13) New Wings
14) UBT
15) Matthew Good
16) Wax Mannequin
17) Bryan Adams

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