Coral FM playlist for 12/02/2011

I am so happy, as I have now mastered Audacity! I featured a Vancouver hip hop band called Byg Country on Coral FM and have just sent them today’s Coral FM segment with their latest track Wise Wondering. I think that might have been their radio debut with this brand new track.
On today’s show I also featured the eclectic brilliance of Laurie Anderson who is coming to the Perimeter Institute Jan 19 with her show Pushing the Perimeters. check out under Arts and Culture for Full Details.
HERE IS THE PLAYLIST FOR DEC 7 2011. Not sure where Dec 31 1969 is coming from. BUT I am sure one The Fabulous Tech Guys will assist me :)))

Playlist for Nov 16 2011

Playlist for Nov 16 2011

ALL BEATLES SHOW with special guest co host
Peter Oldridge of the Urban Monks in support of Numus concert
Sgt Peppers/ Magical Mystery Tour – Nov 18 at The Conrad Centre
and a few Matthew Barber tracks in support of recent show at The Princess Cinema on Nov 16, 2011.
Also from Beatlerama 1995 Toronto – an interview / panel discussion with John Lennon’s first wife Cynthia Lennon, The Beatle’s first manager Alan Williams, former Beatles drummer Pete Best, and (former Beatle the late Stu Sutcliffe’s)
sister Pauline Sutcliffe.
– Yeah Yeah Yeah .. Coral FM

Author Lauren B Davis on Coral FM

Lauren B. Davis was here in support of her latest novel Our Daily Bread. She, husband Ron,and Dave from Wordsworth Books dropped by the Sound FM studios, and I had a chance to interview Lauren about her latest novel Our Daily Bread. This is a potent and addictive read, based on Nova Scotia’s Goler Clan.
Lauren who lived in Nova Scotia at one time, said she had heard about them and the horrors on South Mountain. So after doing some research on the Golers she decided to write Our Daily Bread…
It is definitely one of my favorite books this year, and it is the kind of book that stays with you long after you have read the final few chapters.
It was great to have Lauren in the studios as my guest chatting about Our Daily Bread, her other award winning works including Radiant City, and The Stubborn Season, and her creative process.
Lauren is currently in Switzerland working on her next novel.
She sent me pics from our studio session. And I hope to make this a podcast soon.
I was thrilled when I heard recently that Our Daily Bread made The Globe and Mail’s Top 100 Books of 2011.
And writer to writer, Lauren has this to say about being in this profession of deadlines.

“Writing is like having a six hundred pound St Bernard in the house, and the weather is much like it is today, it’s raining and it is sleek and it is windy and it is dreadful. And all you really want to do is sit in the front of the fire and read your book, but there is a six hundred pound St Bernard that is standing there with its leash in its mouth demanding that you walk it. And the more you ignore it, the more likely it is to pee on your carpet and eat your couch. Ultimately it just becomes easier to walk the damn dog, than it does to ignore it, and that for me is the way writing is. It’s a nagging, it’s an urging..”

I have to say I readily agree….Coral FM

AW@L Radio – 2011-12-02- Smash the State and its Spytech, Justice for Attawapiskat, and Stop Rape!

Friday December 2nd 2011 – The Smash the State Report takes the @mediacoop’s november in review, adds some comments, and focuses on anti-olympic actions and the use of western spy-tech against the freedom fighters of Syria, Bahrain, Iran and more. We also read pre-jail statement of anti-#austerity/pro-#indigenous #autonomy organiser and #anarchist Adam Lewis, and present a powerful piece on rape culture, before wrapping up with a run down of some discussion around the #occupytogether movement.

Wikked music and #acab

see for statements from targets of the #g20toronto police state.

The Halfway House Begins!


I am very excited to start a new adventure hosting my own radio show on soundFM! Thanks to Dan Keller for working with me.

I am really excited about getting started and can’t wait for this coming Wednesday night!

In the meantime, you can check out some of my tracks and mixes on my soundcloud page:

Follow me on Twitter @djmattyson

and on facebook:



The Halfway House


Mattyson is immersed in the beats he’s been swimming in during his fifteen years as a DJ producer.

Hydrating the day and the night with rivulets of tech-tainted house, trickling’s of dirty-water downtempo to accessible depths. He doesn’t give a dam. Expect a full deluge of head-nod booty-shake straight from the soul to flood ears from the Great White North and beyond.

For bookings contact:

Schedule Update! Punabi Junxxion and more!

We have been busy adding new shows and finding new time slots for some of your favourites. please check out the schedule to see our entire line.

a quick run down:
-Punjabi Junxxion has moved to 14:00 on Saturdays from their 08:00 slot –
-A new Metal Show on Tuesday nights – NightMare Radio –
-2 New Saturday Night Shows, Up Late – + HighBrau Radio –

many more so check it out:

AW@L Radio – 2011-11-25 – (de)Occupy the G20 + Anonymous Action!

Friday November 25th 2011 – We give a run down on the #occupy movements resistance to the police crackdown and then highlight the plea deal which will end the #G20 main conspiracy group prosecutions and see 3 AW@L members and 3 others abducted to jail, while 11 other amazing organisers have their charges entirely dropped. The police operation adn the spy operation around the G20 convergence was the largest in Canadian history.

We also look at the actions of anonymous, point out shitty police behaviour, and bring up some european struggles against austerity including a mortgage strike!

see for statements from targets of the #g20toronto police state.

AW@L Radio – 2011-11-18 – Police Violence and the Occupy Protests – against austerity, against repression.

Friday November 18th 2011 – Its not a few bad apples but a rotten orchard, today we look at police violence and actions that such behaviour creates, and we discuss the #occupy movement. We give an update on the situation in KI and note the failure of canadian legislation in protecting the environment, talk quickly about #Mumia and give a #g20 update as well as a round up of anti-austerity actions in europe.

Radio Waterloo