Radio Nowhere

show logoRadio Nowhere plays Rock and Roll from the sixties and seventies — some standard tunes as well as more obscure deep cuts — along with a taste of rhythm and blues, some modern alt rock, soul, funk, blues, punk, alt country and Afrobeat.

Something familiar and hopefully something new and a better appreciation of the roots and future of the most revolutionary and popular form of music in history..

Radio Nowhere is hosted by Don Janzen and airs on CKMS-FM on Sunday from Midnight to 1:00am.

2 thoughts on “Radio Nowhere”

  1. Hi Don,
    Nice to meet you at the meeting last night…
    There is a band called Zuffalo playing in Cambridge on April 29, they are going to be playing Dark Side of the Moon in it’s entirety as well as some original music. Would you be willing to promote or even play some of their music on your show? They are going to give us tickets to give to listeners, can you benefit from that? Please contact me if you are …

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