Receipts & Show Fees

Hi programmers,
I just put a whole bunch of show receipts beside the drop box. Sorry that they are just in a pile! There should be all the receipts until mid June. If your receipt is missing and you need it let me know and I can send you a photo of the receipt. There are a few that aren't there yet because I had to go buy a new receipt book.
Show Fees!!
I have contacted all shows are owe show fees! Please get caught up! The Free Airtime slots are for shows who do not need to be contacted about fees….That is the incentive for the free airtime slot! In addition policy for owing more than two months of show fees is to have your spot changed to a green slot on the schedule meaning that it is available to be bumped. Try to get these show fees in ASAP. We will be discussing and changing shows towards the end of this month!
BECAUSE….it is about AGM time! It is important to have your show fees in order so that you can vote to change things with the station and to be eligible in case you want to join the board of directors!
This year we have a lot of spots on the Board of Directors opening! If you wanna help out to get this station going please think about running for a board position! If you have questions about what it entails then please send me an email!
Lastly keep up the great programming…I haven't had a chance to listen too much in July but in June I had it on in my house constantly and it was one awesome show after another. I think that the Golden MP3 awards will be difficult this year!

Rob "DJ" Steel – 100.3 SoundFM
CKMS Board Member

283 Duke St W, Unit 114b
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
N2H 3X7

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