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CKMS Community Connections for 24 January 2022: More KWCon Music!

Show Notes

(Tan and green map of Waterloo Region showing the seven municipalities outlined with black lines)
Map of Waterloo Region where KWCon music comes from!

I am so behind in my e-mail. Almost a year behind. And that means that people from Waterloo Region who have been submitting music haven’t heard from me, and have probably given up hope of getting their music on the radio. To you I say Do Not Despair! I’m digging my way to the bottom of my InBox, and I will get to your music submissions. In fact, I’m playing a bunch of them today.

To submit your music send an e-mail to office@radiowaterloo.ca with the subject KWCon Music Submission (substitute CanCon if you’re not from Waterloo Region), and check out our detailed music submission guide.

I have now worked my way down to June in my InBox, and will probably do a few more KWCon shows in the next few weeks until all the backlog of both KWCon and CanCon submissions have been heard on the FM airwaves. So to start, here are today’s selections.



Download:ckms-community-connections-2022-01-24-episode090.mp3 (89.3 MB, 1h02m00s, episode 090)

Podcast Index

Time Title Album Artist
0m00s Theme for CKMS Community Connections ccc CKMS Sunflower logo (yellow petals surrounding a black centre with white wavies all on a teal background)
CKMS Community Connections
Steve Todd
0m56s Stealin’ BTSH (black stylized heart on a red background with a knife through it,  and white BTSH letters)
BrianT & The Sinister Hearts
3m22s Steel Man
6m24s In Heaven (Fields of Black Top)
11m40s Road Hockey (painting of a hockey net on the road with a hockey stick leaning on it and a hockey puck in front)
Road Hockey
14m58s Too Many Kings (And Only One Crown) Too Many Kings (And Only One Crown) (a nude woman wearing a masquerade ball mask reclining on a couch, with a BTSH logo to the left, white lettering on a black background)
20m18s Am I Enough? W  | Woody Woodburn | I  Am Enough ( deep blue  stylized W over gold letters for Woody Woodburn, over deep blue letters for I Am Enough)
Woody Woodburn
23m49s Wildflowers Picture of members of I , The Mountain
I, The Mountain
28m13s Just A Little (rObPreuSS Mesmerace Mix) Church of Trees | Pish Posh (golden yellow branches on a blue background, white text)
Pish Posh
Church of Trees
32m24s Pish Posh
42m24s California Living Room (Owen Tester, Nathan Forler sitting on the floor with bowling balls)
Living Room for Small
46m17s New Romantics (a DVD cover on a white table wiht some books at the edge of the image)
adult recreation centre
50m29s Spilled Milk (feat. Mot & Krid) Spilled Milk | Cindy Gomez feat. Mot & Krid (Cindy Gomez's face peering up out of a milk bath,  underneath pink lettering)
Cindy Gomez
53m44s Tip tip (abstract transparent shapes overlaying each other)
The Lifers (Liv and Anita Cazzola)
59m00s Leeward Set The Sails (a sailboat folded out of red construction paper with a sail folded out of  patterned paper, with a little yellow paper flag on the mast)

CKMS Community Connections Hour One airs on CKMS-FM 102.7 on Monday from 11:00am to Noon, and Hour Two airs on Saturday from 1:00pm to 2:00pm.

Got music, spoken word, or other interesting stuff? Let us know at office@radiowaterloo.ca or leave a comment on our “About” page.

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