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CKMS Community Connections for 3 February 2020 with Cush Amor and Gerima Harvey

Show Notes

Cush Amor at the microphone
Cush Amor
Gerima Harvey at the microphone
Gerima Harvey

Cush Amor and Gerima Harvey join Bob Jonkman in the studio for a Live, On-Air, In-Studio performance, and a discussion on Black History Month and the culture of the African diaspora.

The interview starts at 2m42s.


Cush Amor
Gerima Harvey

Upcoming Events

  • Black History Month Launch at Emmanual United Church

    When: Sunday, 9 February 2020
    Where: Emmanual United Church
    Location: 22 Bridgeport Road West, Waterloo, Ontario


Download: ckms-community-connections-2020-02-03.mp3 (81.7 MiBytes, 59m30s, episode 38)

Podcast Index

  • 0m52s: Cush Amor and Gerima HarveyThe Rivers of Babylon, a Live, On-Air, In-Studio Performance!
  • 2m42s: Talking to Cush Amor and Gerima Harvey about Kitchener orgins, live performances, getting on-stage, working with other performers, local festivals.
  • 12m17s: Cush Amor and Gerima Harvey — Medley: Xamaidian, Queen Nanny, Asase Law (Earth Angel), Down By The Riverside, In-Studio.
  • 24m30s: Black History Month, concert at Emmanual United Church, playing the Djembe, summer festivals, Gerima’s Kalimba.
  • 39m02s: Andrya Amor logo (Stylized Jamaican flag)Cush AmorXamadian
  • 42m52s: Speaking French and Jamaican Patois, the African diaspora, cultural shows on Radio Waterloo, Start A Show on CKMS-FM.
  • 50m08s: Cush Amor and Gerima HarveyThe Remption Song, Live In-Studio.
  • 53m30s: Inspiration for The Redemption Song, the Cush Podcasts, goodbyes.
  • 57m37s: Andrya Amor logo (Stylized Jamaican flag)Cush AmorOne Love

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Bonus Footage

YouTube: CKMS Community Connections for 3 February 2020

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Erin Michalski , Erin Watt, Kat vanLemmeren & Gerima Harvey









Erin Michalski @erinmichalski.photographic.art and Erin Watt @erinwattphotography, photographers from Waterloo region shared their journey and experience with Christmas Wish Project bringing joy and happiness to sick children and their families. They brought the Christmas Magic into the lives of these families trough magical Santa photos.

Kat VanLammeren facilitates drumming workshops for hundreds of people of all ages. She found the Organic Groove (Canada!) Summer Drum Jam in 2002 and has travelled to many tiny Inuit villages in the Canadian Arctic to perform and teach kids how to drum. Kat collaborates and performs with poets, spoken word #artists , singer songwriters , electronic music, DJs and other musicians while taking workshops and lessons in West African drumming Middle Eastern drumming, Afro Cuban percussion, and Australian Didgeridoo.

Gerima Harvey is a dynamic soloist and a member of many musical relationships. He lives in a world where love reigns and where he hopes there is always an abundance of music lovers to collaborate with. He hears the beat of yonder drummers and possesses a unique gift of being able to gel with any art form and artist. He launched his first CD in June 2015. From studio to stage, this magical musical genius inspires everyone, everywhere he goes

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