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CKMS Community Connections for 6 January 2020 with Tiffany Ayalik from Quantum Tangle

Show Notes

Quantum Tangle (three people; two women holding hand drums in the air, with a man in the centre
Quantum Tangle: Tiffany Ayalik, Greyson Gritt, Kayley Mackay

Tiffany Ayalik from Quantum Tangle

Tiffany Ayalik and Bob Jonkman talk about indigenous music, especially throat singing; preservation of Inuktitut culture and the Inuituktin language; and the music of Quantum Tangle.

The interview starts at 31m02s.


2019 was the United Nations International Year Of Indigenous Languages

Don’t forget to check the amazing catalogue of Indigenous music from Nikamowin!


Download: ckms-community-connections-2020-01-06.mp3 (80.3 MiBytes, 58m27s, episode 34)

Podcast Index

  • 00m25s: Ramon Taranco | Cuban Blues Man (album cover)Ramon TarancoDesperate Love from the Cuban Blues Man album
  • 0h04m13s: Devil Can Blues — Ramon Taranco
  • 10m03s: Carver Baronda | Spooky Love (album cover)Carver BarondaIf Nothing Else Comes Along from the Spooky Love EP
  • 13m07s: Guy Major | Northern Sky (album cover)Guy MajorBe There from the Northern Sky album
  • 15:31s: Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome -- Nolto, Dayda Banks & Trill Monroe (album cover showing a playing card with a man and an astronaut)Nolto, Dayda Banks & Trill MonroeYellow Bricks from the album SADS (Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome)
  • 19m35s: Guy Major — First Thing from the Northern Sky album
  • 24m25s: Life Is Like A StormPortrait of Peter Alexander Lawryniuk, wearing a hatPeter Alexander Lawryniuk
  • 27m16s: Shelter As We Go | Quantum Tangle (with Inuit art representing a caribou skull over an intricate pattern)Quantum TangleLove Is Love, part 1 from the Shelter As We Go… album
  • 31m02s: Talking about Shelter As We Go…, Greyson Gritt and Inuksuk Mackay of Quantum Tangle, the album cover, throat singing, partnering with Nikamowin, the single Signal with Lydia Képinski
  • 42m38s: Antlers (album cover for Signal)Lydia Képinski and Quantum TangleSignal
  • 48m46s: Indigenous music in the mainstream, reacquiring the Inuituktin language, on tour in Denmark with cousin Hannah.
  • 52m47s: Quantum TangleAngnahiak from the Shelter As We Go… album
  • 54m30s: Memories of Angnahiak
  • 55m22s: Quantum TangleTiny Hands (Reimagined) from the Shelter As We Go… album

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Bonus Footage

YouTube: CKMS Community Connections for 6 January 2020

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