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CKMS Community Connections for 24 June 2019 with Brian Doucet and Sandee Lovas

Jeff Stager and Bob Jonkman interview Brian Doucet, the Canada Research Chair in Urban Change and Social Inclusion at the University of Waterloo’s School of Planning joining us for the second time, and Sandee Lovas, an activist with Alliance Against Poverty with us for the first time to talk about the ION/LRT, gentrification, housing, and free transit.

You can hear Brian’s previous interview on our 13 May 2019 show.

Brian Doucet at the microphone
Brian Doucet

Show Notes

Brian Doucet’s articles in The Record:

Sandee Lovas at the microphone
Sandee Lovas

Article in The Record on Sandee Lovas’s imminent eviction:

Sandee’s delegation to Waterloo City Council on 27 May 2019:

Sandee Lovas writes that Grand River Transit should have free transit for an entire month:

…and another reader advocates for free transit too:

Music List


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Bonus Footage

Three in-studio pictures of guests Brian Doucet and Sandee Lovas, and hosts Jeff Stager and Bob Jonkman.

Brian Doucet and Sandee Lovas at their microphones
Brian Doucet and Sandee Lovas
Bob Jonkman, Jeff Stager, and Brian Doucet in the studio at the microphones
Bob Jonkman, Jeff Stager, and Brian Doucet
Bob Jonkman and Jeff Stager at the microphone
Bob Jonkman and Jeff Stager

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