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The CKMS-FM 2022 Picnic!

On Saturday, 4 June 2022 CKMS-FM held its Volunteer Appreciation Picnic. It was a bit cool, jacket weather, so turnout was lower than expected. But those who came had good conversations, listened to good music, ate good pizza, and had a good time.

People talking to each other, most standing, one in a wheelchair, one staring off in the distance, some in the shade, some in the sun
Yasin Dewji, DJ DC, Carmelo Farruggio, Nat Persaud, Jeff Stager
People standing beside a tree, one person leaving, one person waving
Nat Persaud, Dan Kellar, Felix Ranchero, Bob Jonkman
Writing on the back of a T-Shirt for the 30th anniversary of CKMS-FM listing all the shows on CKMS-FM: Celebrating 30 years of air | 1977-2007 | CKMS FM 100.3 | Morning Drive, Carribean Spice, Central Services, Midday Magazine, Box Social, The Rock Show, PIRG Power, The First Sound, Riff Inquiry Team, Poor Folk Blues, Lets Get Lost, Royalty Rascals and Raconteurs, Forced Meditation, Stumbling Upon Moksha, Funky Planet, Bob Radio, Free Music, Brand New Sound, Santo Domingo Invila, 51%, More Dusty Than Digital, World of Chamber Music, Random Green Dots, Two Steps Back, Taking You to Work, Coffee Tea and Mama D, Making Contact, Keep'n Score, Bill's Hoedown, Non-Toxic Airwaves, Radio Thematic, Road Dog Show, Bruised Elbow, Wednesday Evening Jazz, Topic of Conversation, Vive Le Underground, Psychedelic Pete's Underground Freakout, Dawn on the Ranch, The Culture Revolution and her Sweet and Salt Alternatives, Do You Like Jazz?, Salmagundi, Concious Beats, The Anti-Dazzle Radio Show, Rehab for Meatheads, CIGI Lecture Series, The Wax Jungle, Prime Time Club Fix, Space In Your Face, Streep Hop, A Fox In The Henhouse, Safe and Sound, Sideshow Continuum, Coral FM, Sahaja Radio, Visions In Sound, Latin Behaviour, Sharkey's World, Fireball XL5, Swineherd's Dance, Strange Frequencies, Super Cool Wagon, The Pig House, Euphoric, South American Mix, Windows to Islam, So Old It's New, Mega Mix, Sabito Alegre, Destellos De America, Tone Poems, Frequent Mutilations, Lijepa Nasa, Sargam, Ecos De Espana, Ecos Portuguese, Saet Zaman, Chinese Program, Week In Review, Pressure Drop, The Paul Show, Mad Stabs, Bridge To Health, Campus Beat, Warrior Sports | CKMS 100.3 FM (logo)
DJDC shows his vintage CKMS-FM T-shirt
People talking to each other under a tree, some in shade, one person in a wheelchair
Yasin Dewji, DJ DC, Carmelo Farruggio, Nat Persaud, and Jeff Stager under the trees
People standing in a small circle talking to each other, one person sitting in a wheelchair
Yasin Dewji, Carmelo Farruggio, DJDC, Christian Shingiro, Bob Jonkman, Nat Persaud
People in a large circle talking to each other, man in a wheelchair with his back to the camera in the foreground
Mason Tikl, Cassandra, Felix Ranchero, Nat Persaud, Carmelo Farrugo
People standing under a tree, talking to each other
Mason Tikl, Cassandra, Nat Persaud, Carmelo Farruggio, Yasin Dewji, Christian Shingiro, Narendra Grover, Bob Jonkman
People posing for a group photo, one with a dog on a leash, one in a wheelchair
Narenda Grover, Jeff Stager, Yasin Dewji, Christian Shingiro, Carmelo Farruggio, Cassandra, Mason Tikl, Nat Persaud
A man holding a red water bottle speaking with a young boy, and a young girl sitting on a bicycle in the background. Lens flare over the man.
Dan Kellar and the kids
Two people posing for the camera in the shade of a tree
Narendra Grover, and Nat Persaud
People standing beside a tree talking to each other
Nat Persaud, Dan Kellar, Bob Jonkman, Carmelo Farruggio
People around a picnic table, with water bottles and pizza boxes
Christian Shingiro, Alex Smart, Carmelo Farruggio, Bob Jonkman

2019 Golden MP3 Awards

All the programmers at CKMS-FM 102.7 Radio Waterloo
Programmers at CKMS-FM 102.7 Radio Waterloo. Back L-R: Mason Tikl, Yasin Dewji, Rob McKenna, Jeff Stager, Andy Nagpal, Barbara Garrett, Cam Matthers DJ Denim); Middle L-R: Indira Singh, Nat Persaud, Rashmi Sanjay, James Jordan, Narendra Grover, Patrick Ng, Roman Pernica; Front L-R: Vin Maru, Jenniefer Stronge, Bob Jonkman, Milan Majstorovic

What a record turn out of CKMS DJ’s at the After Holiday Party! The Golden MP3 Awards took physical form! Here is the recap of the what was given out!

Nat Persaud with Rashmi Sanjay holding her Golden MP3 Award plaque
Nat Persaud and Rashmi Sanjay

The Local Liaison of Canada award is given to a DJ who puts local stories on a national level: Rashmi Sanjay, host of In Conversation with Rashmi.

James Jordan, Jenniefer Stronge, and Bob Jonkman holding their Golden MP3 Award plaques
James Jordan, Jenniefer Stronge, and Bob Jonkman

The Best Talk Focus award is given to a show that has had the best talk focused programs for the year: James Jordan, Jenniefer Stronge, and Bob Jonkman who host CKMS Community Connections.

Nat Persaud with Vin Maru holding his Golden MP3 Award plaque
Nat Persaud and Vin Maru

The Most Original Program award is given to an original program that you will not find on radio anywhere but on CKMS! The winner is Vin Maru of Tolking Cannabis.

Nat Persaud with Narendra Grover holding his Golden MP3 Award plaque
Nat Persaud and Narendra Grover

The FUNdraiser Of The Year award is given to a FUN spirit during our fundraising efforts! The winner is Narendra Grover who hosts Sur Sangeet

Nat Persaud, with Jeff Stager holding his Golden MP3 Award plaque
Nat Persaud and Jeff Stager

The Freshest Beats award is given to a great program that is in its first 3 years! The winner is Jeff Stager, host of Golden Record.

Nat Persaud holds his Golden MP3 Award plaque
Nat Persaud

Sonic Boom is a throw-back to the old CKMS Sonic Boom awards and is awarded to the best music based program of the year. The winner is Nat Persaud, hosting Pressure Drop.

Francis Claire setting up a speaker
Francis Claire

The DJ AdRock Memorial Award for Exceptional DJing is given to a DJ who exemplifies the qualities of the EDJ Academy. The winner is Francis Claire of 3 Nines Radio: Tape Tuesdays /w Francis Claire.

Riley Powis holds his Golden MP3 plaque
Riley Powis

The Teamwork Transition award is given to the best 1-2 seamless transition programs on CKMS: The winners are Chris Sherren and Riley Powis from Into The Void and The Riley Powis Show.

The Video King the Radio Star award is given to the show who best utilizes the OTF video system to support their program. The winner is Sean Bush of Reggae Patrol.

The SoundFM Soldier award is given to two members who have put in a lot of work behind the scenes to keep CKMS Community Radio alive. The term “SoundFM” was once used as the name of the station as community members put in countless hours of volunteer work to keep the station alive. The winners are Chris Sherren and Bob Jonkman, both on the Tech Committee.

The Best Cultural/Culturally Diverse show is awarded to a show the best show that either features many different cultures or represents a culture that is under represented in the area. The winner is Bassam Awwad of the Mazaj Show.

The Best LP Show (LP is “Long Playing”) is awarded to the years best show that has been running for 3+ years. The winner is Souljah Sessions.

The Community Radio Award is given to a show that exemplifies what Community Radio is all about – COMMUNITY! The winner is Narine Dat Sookram of Let’s Chit Chat With Narine Dat.

Nat Persaud and Rob McKenna

The Best Graphic Material award is given to a program who is creating the Best accompanying images for their podcast or program. The winner is Rob McKenna of Mano A Mano.