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CKMS Community Connections for 6 July 2020

Because of Covid we’re still not having any guests in the studio, and this week’s there are no phone interviews either, so it’s another show packed full of new Canadian Content music.

There are new tracks from Kingston’s Willy Nilly, JC Townsend, station favourites The Soviet Influence, local Cambridge group Shy Harry, and from Storry, whom we hope to have on the phone for an interview in the next few weeks.

But if you’ll indulge me for a few minutes, we’ll end the show with a bit of comparative musicology. I’d heard about the Vocaloid musical voice synthesizer before, but finally found something worthy of radio airtime when I read Vocaloids: Our Friends Electric by Mariana Timony writing for Bandcamp Daily. In the last 10 minutes of the show you’ll hear Offend In Every Way played by Beam Morrison using a Vocaloid synthesizer, followed by the original by The White Stripes, and finishing off with a bit of, um, old-fashioned synth music. Not new, and not CanCon, but this week that’s what caught my ear.


Time Title Artist Album
0m00s Theme for CKMS Community Connections ccc Steve Todd CKMS Community Connections
0m40s Never Let Me Fall Away Shy Harry Yestermind | Shy Harry (illustration of an island, reflected in the water by written words)Yestermind – Side A
4m32s Yeats
7m44s Misbehave Willy Nilly
10m25s Inglaterra Dead Horse Beats (Patrick Wade) Dead Horse Beats | Inglaterra (illustrations of trees, birds, people)Inglaterra
14m18s Winnipeg
16m09s For No One Storry (no text, just a blue-tinted portrait of Storry, with bright glowing lips)
18m19s Watch Out The Soviet Influence This Band Is So God | The Soviet Influence (embossed letters on a leather surface, illusration of a house)This Band is So God
21m09s The Riot The Soviet Influence | The Riot (just white letters on black)
23m34s Save Me From Myself JC Townsend JC Townsend | GhOStS (looking down at two feet in shoes at the edge of water)GhOStS
26m13s Disconnected
30m31s Rising Sun Shred Kelly Shred Kelly | Like A Rising Sun (wireframe graphic of a rising sun)Like A Rising Sun
33m52s Roman Candle Eyes
38m30s Oil the Guns Q052 Q052 | Oil The Guns (illustrations of military materiel and children running)Oil the Guns
42m38s Down With The System Sum-01 Sum-01 | The Comeback Queen (portrait of Sum-01)The Comeback Queen (Promo)
45m28s Nickle One Nine (Clean)
49m02s Offend In Every Way Beam Morrison Vocallective Records | VCL073: Ball & Biscuit (stylized illustration of an owl)Ball & Biscuit
52m07s Offend In Every Way The White Stripes (no text, Jake White and Meg White surrounded by people dressed in black)White Blood Cells
55m56s Love Me Two Times (8bit) Beam Morrison Vocallective Records | VCL073: Ball & Biscuit (stylized illustration of an owl)Ball & Biscuit

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