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Former Associate Editor/Web Editor/Sports Editor at Waterloo Region Record with a keen interest in rock music, specifically classic rock with side dishes of blues, late 70s punk and new wave plus sprinklings of reggae, soul and funk.

So Old It’s New set list for Monday, Nov. 13, 2017

1. Paul Butterfield, Everything’s Gonna Be Alright
2. The Clash, I’m So Bored With the USA
3. The Clash, The Right Profile
4. Blondie, Accidents Never Happen
5. Elvis Costello, Welcome To The Working Week
6. Elvis Costello, Miracle Man
7. Joe Jackson, Friday
8. Jethro Tull, For A Thousand Mothers
9. Aerosmith, Nobody’s Fault
10. Ozzy Osbourne, I Don’t Know
11. Black Sabbath, Falling Off The Edge Of The World
12. The Rolling Stones, The Storm
13. Eagles, Those Shoes
14. The Who, How Many Friends
15. J.J. Cale, Don’t Cry Sister
16. Golden Earring, Vanilla Queen (live)
19. Joe Walsh, I Can Play That Rock & Roll
20. April Wine, Electric Jewels
21. Deep Purple, Hard Lovin’ Man
22. Jimi Hendrix, Like A Rolling Stone (live at Monterey Pop Festival 1967)
23. Bad Company, Hammer Of Love
24. Rod Stewart, Mandolin Wind
25. The Allman Brothers Band, Whipping Post (live, 1992)

So Old It’s New set list for Monday, Oct. 9, 2017

1. Black Sabbath, Into The Void
2. Lou Reed, Hangin’ Round
3. The Rolling Stones, Coming Down Again
4. The Alan Parsons Project, Breakdown
5. Patti Smith, Redondo Beach
6. The Moody Blues, Reflective Smile/Veteran Cosmic Rocker
7. Quicksilver Messenger Service, Fresh Air
8. Genesis, Entangled
9. The Monkees, Daily Nightly
10. The Kinks, Predictable
11. John Lennon, Well Well Well
12. Whitesnake, Ain’t Gonna Cry No More
13. Deep Purple, This Time Around/Owed To G
14. Deep Purple, You Keep On Moving
15. The Doobie Brothers, I Cheat The Hangman
16. Jeff Beck Group, Going Down
17. The Beatles, Hey Bulldog
18. Blind Faith, Sea Of Joy
19. Queen, The Prophet’s Song
20. Elton John, Burn Down The Mission/My Baby Left Me/Get Back (live from 17-11-70 album)

So Old It’s New set list for Monday, Oct. 4, 2017

1. Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, Breakdown (request)
2. Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, Hometown Blues
3. Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, The Wild One, Forever
4. ZZ Top, Ko Ko Blue
5. The Temptations, Since I Lost My Baby
6.The Steve Miller Band, Winter Time
7. Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, On The Street
8. Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, Depot Street
9. Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, Cry To Me
10. Van Morrison, Transformation
11. Nazareth, Kentucky Fried Blues
12. Pink Floyd, Take Up Thy Stethoscope And Walk
13. The Rolling Stones, Down In The Hole
14. Queen, The March Of The Black Queen
15. Bob Dylan, As I Went Out One Morning
16. George Harrison, It’s What You Value
17. Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, Don’t Come Around Here No More
18. Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, Southern Accents
19. Deep Purple, Johnny’s Band
20. Concrete Blonde, Walking In London
21. R.E.M., Lotus
22. Black Country Communion, Burn (live)
23. U2, Indian Summer Sky
24. Taste, Sugar Mama
25. David Gilmour, Fat Old Sun (live)
26. David Gilmour, Coming Back To Life (live)

So Old It’s New set list for Monday, Sept. 25, 2017

1. Queen, Dead On Time
2. Alice Cooper, Unfinished Sweet
3. The Rolling Stones, Hearts For Sale
4. The Doors, Ships With Sails (post Jim Morrison, Ray Manzarek vocals)
5. Santana, Caminando
6. Manfred Mann’s Earth Band, Quit Your Low Down Ways
7. Rare Earth, Smiling Faces Sometimes
8. Paul McCartney & Wings, Beware My Love
9. Traffic, Rainmaker
10. Thin Lizzy, Killer On The Loose
11. Gregg Allman, My Only True Friend
12. Love, A House Is Not A Motel
13. Elton John, The King Must Die
14. Van Morrison, Redwood Tree
15. Aerosmith, No Surprize
16. Pat Travers, Heat In The Street (live)
17. Marianne Faithfull, Visions Of Johanna
18. Blue Oyster Cult, She’s As Beautiful As A Foot
19. Heart, Magazine
20. Fairport Convention, Tam Lin
21. Jethro Tull, Baker St. Muse

So Old It’s New set list for Monday, Sept. 11, 2017

1. Queen, Innuendo
2. Steely Dan, Don’t Take Me Alive (request)
3. Deep Purple, Rat Bat Blue
4. The Rolling Stones, Terrifying
5. The Ramones, Somebody Put Something In My Drink
6. U2, Zooropa
7. Cry Of Love, Too Cold In The Winter
8. The Pretenders, My City Was Gone
9. Monster Magnet, Dopes To Infinity
10. Lucky Peterson, Ventilator Blues
11. Elton John, Ticking
12. Bruce Springsteen, Backstreets
13. Van Morrison, You Gotta Make It Through The World
14. Santana, Waiting
15. Captain Beyond, Dancing Madly Backwards (On A Sea Of Air)
16. Janis Joplin, Trust Me
17. Montrose, Space Station #5
18. John Mayall, Thoughts About Roxanne
19. Joe Jackson, A Slow Song
20. Dire Straits, Tunnel Of Love (live)

So Old It’s New set list – Monday, Sept. 4, 2017

  1. AC/DC, Boogie Man
  2. Deep Purple, Maybe I’m A Leo
  3. Led Zeppelin, Night Flight
  4. Black Sabbath, Fairies Wear Boots/Jack The Stripper
  5. Rainbow, Sixteenth Century Greensleeves
  6. The Rolling Stones, Some Girls
  7. Robin Trower, Too Rolling Stoned
  8. Bad Company, Weep No More
  9. Alice Cooper, Raped And Freezin
  10. Bachman-Turner Overdrive, Freeways
  11. Emerson, Lake & Palmer, The Barbarian
  12. Robert Palmer, Sneakin’ Sally Through The Alley
  13. David Bowie, Scream Like A Baby
  14. Screaming Trees, Alice Said
  15. Cream, Four Until Late
  16. Pink Floyd, Paintbox
  17. Iron Maiden, The Duelists
  18. Joe Jackson, Fit
  19. The Pretenders, Boots Of Chinese Plastic
  20. Gary Moore, Texas Strut
  21. Smokey Robinson & The Miracles, Going To A Go Go
  22. Thin Lizzy, Slow Blues
  23. Chris Whitley, The Road Leads Down
  24. The Allman Brothers Band, Hot ‘Lanta
  25. Jimi Hendrix, Ezy Rider
  26. Jethro Tull, Occasional Demons
  27. Aerosmith, She’s On Fire
  28. April Wine, Silver Dollar

So Old It’s New set list for Monday, Aug. 28, 2017

1. Queen, We Will Rock You (live fast version, 1979 Jazz tour, from Live Killers album)
2. Queen, Sweet Lady
3. Free, Sweet Tooth
4. Black Country Communion, Smokestack Woman
5. Elton John, Billy Bones And The White Bird
6. Elton John, Street Kids
7. Be Bop Deluxe, Axe Victim
8. Eric Burdon & War, Bare Back Ride
9. Rory Gallagher, Overnight Bag
10. The Rolling Stones, I Am Waiting
11. T. Rex, Hot Love
12. Little Feat, Truck Stop Girl
13. Paul McCartney and Wings, Morse Moose And The Grey Goose
14. Jerry Lee Lewis, Hand Me Down My Walking Cane
15. Spooky Tooth, Hangman Hang My Shell On A Tree
16. Robert Plant, Turn It Up
17. Midnight Oil, Put Down That Weapon
18. Groundhogs, Daze Of The Weak
19. Neil Young, For The Turnstiles
20. The Who, Baby Don’t You Do It
21. Bruce Springsteen, Johnny 99
22. The Allman Brothers Band, Nobody Knows (live)
23. Cream, Pressed Rat And Warthog

So Old It’s New set list – Monday, Aug. 21, 2017

1. Madness, One Step Beyond
2. AC/DC, Nick Of Time
3 Nazareth, The Key
4. Alice Cooper, Raped And Freezin’
5. George Thorogood, No Expectations
6. The Rolling Stones, Hey Negrita
7. Pearl Jam, Bu$h Leaguer
8. Chuck Berry, Wonderful Woman
9. The Who, Trick Of The Light
10. Judas Priest, Before The Dawn
11. Genesis, Mad Man Moon
12. Elton John, First Episode At Hienton
13. Jethro Tull, Black Sunday
14. Taj Mahal, Big Legged Mommas Are Back In Style
15. Eric Clapton, Hello Old Friend
16. Led Zeppelin, Thank You
17. Aerosmith, Three Mile Smile
18. Faces, (I Know) I’m Losing You (live/BBC)
19. Lynyrd Skynyrd, Things Goin’ On
20. Paul McCartney/Wings, Bip Bop
21. The Allman Brothers Band, Dreams
22. The Police, Shadows In The Rain
23. Pink Floyd, Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Part Two)

So Old It’s New classic rock set list Aug. 7, 2017

  1. Genesis, Dance On A Volcano
  2. Aerosmith, Seasons Of Wither
  3. Deep Purple, Walk On
  4. R.E.M., Living Well Is The Best Revenge
  5. King Crimson, I Talk To The Wind
  6. Headstones, Burning
  7. The Rolling Stones, Dangerous Beauty
  8. Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention, Help, I’m A Rock
  9. Black Sabbath, Cornucopia
  10. J.J. Cale, Thirteen Days
  11. The Who, Love Ain’t For Keeping
  12. Ian Hunter, All Of The Good Ones Are Taken
  13. AC/DC, Skies On Fire
  14. Gov’t Mule, Bad Man Walking
  15. Van Morrison, Help Me (live)
  16. Dire Straits, One World
  17. The Beatles, For You Blue
  18. Judas Priest, Leather Rebel
  19. The Yardbirds, Out On The Water Coast
  20. Rush, Faithless
  21. Bad Company, Rhythm Machine
  22. Fleetwood Mac, Peacekeeper
  23. Grand Funk Railroad, Black Licorice
  24. XTC, Dear God
  25. UFO, Darker Days
  26. Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band, The Real Love
  27. Pink Floyd, Sheep

So Old It’s New set list for Monday, July 31, 2017

1. The Rolling Stones, Can You Hear The Music
2. The Rolling Stones, I Go Wild
3. David Bowie, Time
4. Elton John, Blues For My Baby And Me
5. Judas Priest, Exciter
6. Jethro Tull, Hot Mango Flush
7. Steely Dan, King Of The World
8. Rod Stewart, That’s All Right
9. Roxy Music, Both Ends Burning
10. Rush, A Passage To Bangkok (live)
11. James Gang, Take A Look Around
12. The Wailers, Burnin’ And Lootin’
13. David Gilmour, There’s No Way Out Of Here
14. Martha And The Muffins, This Is The Ice Age
15. The Beatles, Cry Baby Cry
16. Syd Barrett, Opel
17. Bruce Springsteen, Stolen Car
18. Neil Young, Barstool Blues
19. Pete Townshend/Ronnie Lane, My Baby Gives It Away
20. Genesis, Stagnation
21. Joe Jackson, Cosmopolitan
22. Procol Harum, Quite Rightly So
23. The Allman Brothers Band, Rockin’ Horse

So Old It’s New set list – Monday, July 24, 2017

1. Flash And The Pan, Restless
2. The Rolling Stones, Soul Survivor
3. Fleetwood Mac, Oh Well, Parts I and II
4. Santana, You Just Don’t Care
5. Van Halen, D.O.A.
6. Deep Purple, A Castle Full Of Rascals
7. Pete Townshend, Exquisitely Bored
8. Peter Frampton, I Wanna Go To The Sun (live)
9. Rory Gallagher, Shin Kicker
10. Pink Floyd, Fearless
11. Jethro Tull, Black Satin Dancer
12. Small Faces, The Universal
13. Little Feat, Skin It Back
14. Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers, What Are You Doin’ In My Life?
15. Edgar Winter, Save The Planet
16. Johnny Winter, Highway 61 Revisited
17. Weather Report, A Remark You Made
18. Tom Waits, 16 Shells From A Thirty-Ought Six
19. Love Sculpture (Dave Edmunds), Sabre Dance (11 minute version)
20. The Incredible String Band, A Very Cellular Song

So Old It’s New

This is Bald Boy. I host a classic rock album cuts show — So Old It’s New — on 102.7 Sound FM Radio, airing 8-10 pm Mondays. The show’s premise: Old bands, old tracks, old bands, their new tracks if they’re still releasing music. Mostly 1960s and 70s stuff, the era in which I grew up. But I’ll go with 80s, 90s, 2000s as well – Guns ‘N Roses, The Cult, Wolfmother, REM, you name it.  Prog and (70s) punk, too. Or whatever else strikes my fancy.

And I’ll play the occasional single you likely have not heard on commercial rock radio in many a moon, which is what prompted this show – my frustration with commercial rock radio not going beyond the same repetitive fare from the Stones, Zep, Purple and the like.

So with me, you’ll get the Stones’ Fingerprint File, not Start Me Up. You’ll get Zep’s Achilles Last Stand, not Stairway To Heaven.  I publish all my set lists here and also on Facebook (search for Bald Boy) and Twitter (Karlo Berkovich), including song clips.

So Old It’s New set list for Monday, July 17, 2017

1. Ten Years After, Love Like A Man
2. Fleetwood Mac, Coming Your Way
3. Emerson, Lake & Palmer/Greg Lake, Lend Your Love To Me Tonight (from Works, Volume I)
4. Keith Richards, Yap Yap
5. Pete Townshend, The Sea Refuses No River
6. John Lee Hooker, I Don’t Wanna Go To Vietnam
7. David Bowie, Sweet Thing/Candidate/Sweet Thing (reprise) (live, 1974)
8. Bill Wyman, What A Blow
9. Janis Joplin, Maybe
10. Colin James, Man’s Gotta Be A Stone
11. Bonnie Raitt, Burning Down The House (live)
12. Van Morrison, Almost Independence Day
13. J. Geils Band, Make Up Your Mind
14. Teenage Head, Disgusteen
15. Motorhead, Killed By Death
16. Dr. Feelgood, She Does It Right
17. John Mayall, Can’t Sleep This Night
18. Elton John, Bitter Fingers
19. Free, Magic Ship
20. Jesus Christ Superstar soundtrack, Damned For All Time/Blood Money
21. Bryan Ferry, No Face, No Name, No Number
22. King Crimson, Starless

So Old It’s New set list for Monday, July 10, 2017

1. Genesis, Ripples
2. Supertramp, Dead Man’s Blues
3. The Who, New Song
4. Deep Purple, Our Lady
5. T. Bone Burnett, Palestine, Texas
6. Roger Waters, Smell The Roses
7. Chuck Berry, Dutchman
8. CAN, Moonshake
9. Headstones, Kingston
10. John Mayall, The Devil Must Be Laughing
11. Keith Richards, Blues In The Morning
12. Fu Manchu, Regal Begal
13. Tyrannosaurus Rex, Elemental Child
14. Traffic, Evening Blue
15. Thin Lizzy, Romeo And The Lonely Girl
16. U2, Surrender
17. Van Halen, Atomic Punk
18. Ian Hunter, Bastard
19. The Cult, Elemental Light
20. Van Morrison, Angelou
21. Yes, And You And I (live)

So Old It’s New set list for Monday, July 3, 2017

  1. T-Bone Burnett, The Rat Age
  2. The Rolling Stones, Time Waits For No One
  3. Tom Waits, Chocolate Jesus
  4. Funkadelic, You Scared the Lovin’ Outta Me
  5. David Bowie, God Knows I’m Good
  6. Whitesnake, Lonely Days Lonely Nights
  7. Buddy Guy, Outskirts Of Town
  8. Joe Strummer & the Mescalaroes, At The Border, Guy
  9. The Clash, Lost In The Supermarket
  10. Iron Maiden, The Man Who Would Be King
  11. John Mellencamp, Melting Pot
  12. Joe Jackson, The Evil Eye
  13. Canned Heat, Fried Hockey Boogie
  14. John Lee Hooker, War Is Over (Goodbye California)
  15. R.E.M., Talk About The Passion
  16. Metallica, Astronomy
  17. Jethro Tull, Quizz Kid
  18. Van Halen, Man On A Mission
  19. UFO, Out In The Street
  20. Led Zeppelin, In The Evening
  21. Deep Purple, Sun Goes Down
  22. Aerosmith, Shela

So Old It’s New set list: Monday, June 12, 2017

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1. Black Sabbath, Hand Of Doom
2. Black Sabbath, Supernaut
3. Black Sabbath, Neon Knights
4. Marianne Faithfull, Witches’ Song
5. The Rolling Stones, Hot Stuff
6. Ted Nugent, Baby Please Don’t Go (live)
7. The Clash, The Right Profile
8. Joe Jackson, Wild West
9. Blondie, Accidents Never Happen
10. April Wine, Drop Your Guns
11. Johnny Cash, (Ghost) Riders In The Sky
12. Junkhouse, Praying For The Rain
13. Curtis Mayfield, Freddie’s Dead (Theme From Superfly)
14. Grateful Dead, Box Of Rain
15. Mott The Hoople, Marionette
16. Queen, Seaside Rendezvous
17. King Crimson, I Talk To The Wind
18. Robbie Robertson, Go Back To Your Woods
19. Ten Years After, Sugar The Road
20. Rainbow, Sixteenth Century Greensleeves
21. The Ramones, She Talks To Rainbows
22. Dire Straits, Ride Across The River
23. The Brothers Johnson, Strawberry Letter 23
24. Jeff Beck, Freeway Jam
25. Bruce Springsteen, Point Blank
26. Talking Heads, The Great Curve

So Old It’s New set list for Monday, June 5, 2017

1. Black Sabbath, Killing Yourself To Live
2. Metallica, Better Than You
3. Led Zeppelin, Heartbreaker
4. Spooky Tooth, Tobacco Road
5. The Rolling Stones, Jigsaw Puzzle
6. AC/DC, Got You By The Balls
7. Bad Company, Evil Wind
8. Alice Cooper, Raped And Freezin
9. Chicago, Sing A Mean Tune Kid
10. David Bowie, All The Madmen
11. Van Halen, Push Comes To Shove
12. Triumph, Rock ‘N’ Roll Machine
13. Goddo, So Walk On
14. Max Webster, Battle Scar
15. Rush, Cinderella Man
16. April Wine, Silver Dollar
17. Deep Purple, Bloodsucker
18. Fleetwood Mac, Bermuda Triangle
19. Roxy Music, Jealous Guy
20. Dire Straits, Skateaway
21. Pink Floyd, Cymbaline
22. Santana, In A Silent Way (live)
23. The Beatles, Old Brown Shoe

So Old It’s New set list: Monday, May 29, 2017

1. Soundgarden, Fell On Black Days
2. The Allman Brothers Band, Drunken Hearted Boy (live)
3. The Allman Brothers Band, In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed (live)
4. The Allman Brothers Band, Stormy Monday (live)
5. The Allman Brothers Band, Trouble No More (live)
6. The Allman Brothers Band, Statesboro Blues (live)
7. The Allman Brothers Band, Midnight Rider (live)
8. The Allman Brothers Band, Whipping Post (live)
9. The Beatles, Long, Long, Long
10. The Beatles, Baby You’re A Rich Man
11. The Rolling Stones, How Can I Stop
12. Black Sabbath, Digital Bitch
13. David Bowie, Queen Bitch
14. Nazareth, Woke Up This Morning
15. Rainbow, A Light In The Black
16. Deep Purple, The Battle Rages On
17. Traffic, (Sometimes I Feel So) Uninspired
18. Metallica, Battery

So Old It’s New set list for Monday, May 22, 2017

  1. The Rolling Stones, Gunface
  2. The Rolling Stones, Time Waits For No One
  3. The Rolling Stones, Can’t You Hear Me Knocking
  4. Led Zeppelin, Living Loving Maid (She’s Just A Woman)
  5. Led Zeppelin, Tea For One
  6. Led Zeppelin, The Battle Of Evermore
  7. Jethro Tull, No Lullaby
  8. Jethro Tull, Farm On The Freeway
  9. Jethro Tull, Reasons For Waiting
  10. Deep Purple, Maybe I’m A Leo
  11. Deep Purple, Comin’ Home
  12. Deep Purple, Fools
  13. Pink Floyd, Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
  14. Pink Floyd, Dogs
  15. Pink Floyd, Sheep
  16. The Beatles, Don’t Let Me Down
  17. The Beatles, Happiness Is A Warm Gun
  18. The Beatles, Revolution 1
  19. Deep Purple, ‘A’ 200
  20. The Rolling Stones, Piano Instrumental (hidden track at end of Dirty Work in tribute to longtime pianist Ian Stewart)
  21. Black Sabbath, FX

So Old It’s New set list for Monday, May 15, 2017

1. Black Sabbath, The Sabbath Stones
2. Headstones, Swinging
3. The Rolling Stones, Casino Boogie
4. Traffic, Roll Right Stones
5. AC/DC, The Furor
6. Graham Parker & The Rumour, The Heat In Harlem
7. Bob Dylan, Ring Them Bells
8. David Bowie, Song For Bob Dylan
9. The Yardbirds, Think About It
10. Jethro Tull, Budapest
11. John Mellencamp, Last Chance
12. The Grateful Dead, Fire On The Mountain
13. Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band, Ain’t Got No Money
14. Bruce Springsteen, It’s Hard To Be A Saint In The City
15. Steve Winwood, Spanish Dancer
16. Tom Petty, Love Is A Long Road
17. Nirvana, Serve The Servants
18. Robert Plant, Your Ma Said You Cried In Your Sleep Last Night
19. Led Zeppelin, Going To California
20. Little Feat, A Apolitical Blues
21. The Faces, Stone
22. The Small Faces, Tin Soldier
23. Guns ‘N’ Roses, Better
24. The Stone Roses, Love Spreads
25. Pink Floyd, Terminal Frost

So Old It’s New set list for Monday, May 8, 2017

1. Spooky Tooth, Evil Woman
2. John Lennon, God
3. U2, God Part II
4. George Thorogood And The Destroyers, Delaware Slide
5. Ray Davies, Wings Of Fantasy
6. Dave Davies and Russ Davies, Slow Down
7. Gary Rossington/Dale Rossington, Too Many Rainy Days
8. The Police, It’s Alright For You
9. Joe Jackson, Throw It Away
10. Elvis Costello, Lover’s Walk
11. Graham Parker, Empty Lives
12. Pretenders, Tattooed Love Boys
13. Talking Heads, Drugs
14. The Rolling Stones, Continental Drift
15. The Pretty Things, Death Of A Socialite
16. Stray Cats, Rumble In Brighton
17. Dire Straits, The Man’s Too Strong
18. Mark Knopfler, Redbud Tree
19. Rod Stewart, Fool For You
20. Blue Oyster Cult, The Red & The Black
21. Judas Priest, Freewheel Burning
22. Deep Purple, Cry Free
23. Black Sabbath, Dirty Women
24. Monster Magnet, 2000 Light Years From Home
25. AC/DC, Decibel

So Old It’s New set list for Monday, May 1, 2017

So Old It’s New set list for Monday, May 1, 2017

1. Dire Straits, Telegraph Road
2. Daniel Lanois, Still Water
3. Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Peace In L.A.
4. The Clash, Train In Vain (request)
5. The Rolling Stones with Taj Mahal, Corinna (live) (request)
6. Lee Harvey Osmond, Lucifer’s Blues
7. Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band, Lookin’ Back (live)
8. Iron Butterfly, My Mirage
9. Little Feat, Lafayette Railroad
10. Aerosmith, Cheese Cake
11. Bruce Springsteen, Gypsy Biker
12. The Who, Now I’m A Farmer
13. Fleetwood Mac, Oh Daddy
14. Syd Barrett, Love You
15. The Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Everything’s Gonna Be Alright
16. Van Halen, Take Your Whiskey Home
17. U2, Wake Up Dead Man (request)
18. T. Rex, Planet Queen
19. It’s A Beautiful Day, White Bird
20. David Bowie, Unwashed And Somewhat Slightly Dazed
21. Wishbone Ash, Time Was

So Old It’s New set list: Monday, April 24, 2017

  1. Pink Floyd, Wish You Were Here
  2. Gov’t Mule, Helter Skelter (live)
  3. Little Feat, A Apolitical Blues
  4. Link Wray And The Wraymen, Batman Theme
  5. April Wine, Silver Dollar
  6. Derek & The Dominos, Bottle Of Red Wine (live)
  7. Whitesnake, Wine, Women An’ Song
  8. Bachman-Turner Overdrive, She’s Keepin’ Time
  9. Groundhogs, Split Parts 1-4
  10. The Beatles, Old Brown Shoe
  11. Elton John, (Gotta Get A) Meal Ticket
  12. Fleetwood Mac, Doctor Brown
  13. Frank Zappa, Bobby Brown Goes Down
  14. Deep Purple, Anyone’s Daughter
  15. The Rolling Stones, Back Of My Hand
  16. Canned Heat, Rollin’ And Tumblin’
  17. The Cars, Good Times Roll
  18. Led Zeppelin, In The Evening
  19. The Allman Brothers Band, Mountain Jam (live)

So Old It’s New set list for Monday, April 17, 2017 (the year 1968 in classic rock)

1. The Rolling Stones, Stray Cat Blues
2. The Beatles, Glass Onion
3. Golden Earrings*,  I’ve Just Lost Somebody
4. Deep Purple, Mandrake Root
5. Jimi Hendrix, Burning Of The Midnight Lamp
6. Cream, Those Were The Days
7. Fairport Convention, Time Will Show The Wiser
8. Pentangle, Let No Man Steal Your Thyme
9. The Velvet Underground, Lady Godiva’s Operation
10. Spirit, Mechanical World
11. Dr. John, I Walk On Guilded Splinters
12. Blue Cheer, Out Of Focus
13. Steppenwolf, The Ostrich
14. Fleetwood Mac,  I Loved Another Woman
15. Big Brother & The Holding Company/Janis Joplin, Turtle Blues
16. Blood, Sweat And Tears,  Somethin’ Goin’ On
17. The Kinks, Wicked Annabella
18. Creedence Clearwater Revival, Walk On The Water
19. Soft Machine, Hope For Happiness
20. Jethro Tull Move On Alone
21. Jeff Beck, Blues De Luxe
22. Pink Floyd, Let There Be More Light
23. Van Morrison, Slim Slow Slider
24. John Mayall, Fly Tomorrow

* Golden Earring was called The Golden Earrings until 1967, then Golden Earrings until 1969.

So Old It’s New set list for Monday, April 10, 2017

1. Lou Reed, Rock ‘N’ Roll (live)
2. Deep Purple, The Surprising
3. Stray, Yesterday’s Promises
4. Mark Knopfler, River Towns
5. Chuck Berry, Downbound Train
6. Procol Harum, Simple Sister
7. Strawbs, Lemon Pie
8. U2, Sleep Like A Baby Tonight
9. Pat Benatar, Rated X
10. Patti Smith Group, Space Monkey
11. The Rolling Stones, Live With Me (live at London’s The Marquee Club, 1971)
12. Mick Ronson, Life’s A River
13. Moon Martin, Hot Nite In Dallas
14. Paris, Big Towne 2061
15. Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers, The Trip To Pirate’s Cove
16. Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band, No Man’s Land
17. Neil Young, Can’t Stop Workin’
18. Nick Lowe, The Gee And The Rick And The Three Card Trick
19. Little Feat, Day At The Dog Races (live)
20. Buddy Guy, Innocent Man
21. Iron Maiden, When The Wild Wind Blows