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The Electrifying Adventures Begin Again!

The Electrifying Adventure Begins Again!

Featuring Music By:

1) Death From above 1979

Mentions of  “The Robot Apocalypse Collective” band that will release one original track each episode.

This collective has contributions from:
1) Gary Cain of the Gary Cain Band
2) Parker Bossley of Fur Trade, The Gay Nineties and The Mounties
3) Ryan Stanley of the Cursed Arrows
4) Ryan Dahle of Limblifter, The Mounties and the Age of Electric
6) Brad Merritt of 54-40
7) Ian Somers of Limblifter and Love and Mathematics
8) Elsa Jayne of Elsa Jayne
9) The #TDIT DJ’s fleshing out the band.
9a) DJ Jeff E Jeff of the Electrifying Sessions
9b) DJ Moses Bogart of Straight outta the pit punk rock radio
9c) DJ Mattador of Mano A Mano
9d) DJ AdRock of Mano A Mano
9e) DJ Steel of Mano A Mano

Rock Cut Feature: The High Dials

The High Dials are playing the Starlight in Waterloo this Thursday March 19th. We were spinning some High Dials and then got to chatting about what TV show you could hear that track on. We gave Trevor Anderson from the band a call to settle the dispute. Find out what program and hear some more High Dials tracks on the podcast above!

Rock Cut Feature: ttwwrrss

This extremely interesting album came into the station the other day and since we have been interested in many bands that have removed the vowels from their names we checked it out. The first great thing about this band was that they are from our old stomping ground of “The Hammer” (Hamilton for those not from the hammer or those who did not know it is sometimes call that for some reason)

Secondly, it is some damn great music! It is darker electronic music that has some wicked hooks to it! Some songs have elements of piano that complement the electronic songs – check it ttwwrrss in the podcast above!

Then go to their bandcamp page here and get more of their music!

Episode 4: “The ManoKnight Attack” #DJJEJ

Yesterday on the Electrifying Session we re-released the Episode 4 of The Electrifying Adventures of DJ Jeff E Jeff so that it could have a home here on SoundFM. Get ready for the Season 2 promo!!!!

The Electrifying Adventures of DJ Jeff E Jeff Season 1 by Mano A Mano Episode 4 Artwork by Tim Jefferies: Episode 4

Music in order of appearance by:
1) Pick A Piper
2) Islands
3) Mystery Track
4) Controller Controller
5) Kanada
6) Drew Smith
7) Miramichi
8) Hot Hot Heat
9) The Mounties
10) Caribou
11) Spooloops
12) The Wet Secrets
13) Broken Social Scene

Episode 3: “A Villain is Born” #DJJEJ

The Electrifying Adventures of DJ Jeff E Jeff Season 1 by Mano A Mano

Episode 3 Artwork by Becka Kinzie: Episode 3

Music in order of appearance by:
1) Magneta Lane
2) The Blue Seeds
3) Quarterback
4) Melissa Auf der Maur
5) Parks and Rec
6) Cyanide Kiss
7) Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs
8) 54-40
9) Canadian Winter
10) Death From Above 1979
11) Dirty Ghosts
12) Always Sun Orange
13) Crystal Castles
14) Age of Electric
15) Arkells
16) Silverstein
17) Crop Failure
18) Pick A Piper

SoundFM’s Top 10 Rock Cuts of 2014

Check out the podcast above for the top 10 Rock Cuts of 2014!! There is actually 11 on our list because 3 ties arose one being for the 10th place position. This list was voted on by DJ’s of various shows at SoundFM and various fan submissions . Honourable mentions:
Black Keys, Smashing Pumpkins, Horse Lords, Sun Parlour Players, Chad Vangaalen, New Wings, Prairie Cats, Rural Alberta Advantage, Owl John, Grizwalds, Alt-J.

10. Ought – Today more than any other day
10. Smash Boom Pow – A Girl
9. Adult Jazz – Hum
7. Tokyo Police Club – Hot Tonight
7. Bend Sinister – Best of You
5. Life in Vacuum – Seven
5. Bad Bad Not Good – Can’t Leave the Night
4. The Gay Nineties – Letterman
3. The Wet Secrets – Maybe we’ll make a plan
2. Death From Above 1979 – Trainwreck 1979
1. The Mounties – If this Dance catches on

The Smashing Pumpkins!

A long time favourite band of the show, The Smashing Pumpkins just released a new album “Monuments to an Elegy”. Check out a few of our fav tracks from the album above!

And Below….Billy Corgan has gotten himself into a little tiff with Anderson Cooper. They talk about it and various other cyber attacks:

Christmas Music Battle – LB winners!

Here is our Christmas Music Battle! We give out another Lake of Bays Brewing Company Prize pack and set up the final few weeks of our competition! Listen to some great Christmas music while winning some great Christmas Prize Packs!

Its easy to win! Tweet at us with a pic of a Christmas Decoration!


Week 1 winner: Iulianna Dragomir
Week 2 winner: Tony Kerishino
Week 3 winner: TBD – Enter now!
Week 4 winner: TBD – enter now!

Contest Winner


We did something never before done on radio or even thought of for that matter…..Due to the severity of awesomeness of this band the Alpacas and them having a great video we decided to open the Top Shelf Video vault within the Rock Cut Feature Vault. We were glad we didn’t explode and I think that the structural integrity of the show held together because of the quality of the band and their music that we were playing. Check out a few tracks above by the Alpacas and then listen in as we review their “Comb My Hair” video that can also be found below!

Top 20 Raptors of all time! (2014-2015)

I was watching NBA TV as I always do and was saw that the Top 20 Raptors of all time was coming on. I was excited knowing that it was the Raptors 20th season and was really interested to see the list! I was surprised that it was a re-airing of a show taped back in 2012 and the list was crazy! So DJ AdRock and I decided to put together a much better list with players in better positions. Check the list below and our reasoning behind our choices in the podcast above!

The Experts Top 20 2012 DJ Steel’s Top 20 DJ AdRock’s top 20
20 Donyel Marshel Amir Johnson Marcus Camby
19 Alvin Robertson Rudy Gay Amir Johnson
18 Keon Clarke Terance Ross Dell Curry
17 Jorge Garbosa Andrea Bargnani Antonio Davis
16 Demar Derozan Del Curry Doug Christie
15 Anthony Parker JYD Anthony Parker
14 Del Curry Marcus Camby Alvin Robertson
13 Jerome Williams Jonus Valencheunus Mo Pete
12 Jose Calderon Jose Calderon Jalen Rose
11 Marcus Camby Doug Christie T-Mac
10 Andrea Bargnani Tracy McGrady Matt Bonner
9 Morris Peterson Morris Peterson Jose Calderon
8 Doug Christie Alvin Williams JYD
7 Alvin Williams Charles Oakley Kyle Lowry
6 Tracy McGrady Kyle Lowry Damon Stoudamire
5 Charles Oakley Antonio Davis Chris Bosh
4 Antonio Davis Chris Bosh Oak
3 Chris Bosh Damon Stoudimire Demar Derozan
2 Damon Stoudimire Demar Derozan Vince Carter
1 Vince Carter Vince Carter Alvin Williams

Top Shelf Video: Fur Trade’s “Same Temptation”

Fur Trade, who had one of CKMS’s Top Tracks of 2013 for their song “Kids These Days” from their album “Don’t get Heavy” has released another video for the track “Same Temptation” off the same album. We came across the video on Facebook and waited for the show to watch it to experience first hand what is going on! Check out our on the spot reactions above and then make sure to check out this video below!

This video does not disappoint….however it seems to be a part one of an ongoing story! We aren’t sure when or how this story is going to end! But we will see what we can find out!

Cursed Arrows

The Cursed arrows have performed live on the Mano A Mano show before and are one of our favourite bands. I noticed Ryan in the liner notes as a producer for an older local band called Silent Films and checked out their site and they just released an album of cover songs appropriately titled “Couvre Projet”.

Check out more from this dynamic duo here:

The Tourist Company

This album “Space Race” came into the station and we were again intrigued by the cover art. We check it out and the music was great! DJ AdRock describes it best in the podcast above – Check it out, then check out more from this band here:

Stone River

The first thing we noticed from Stone River was the awesome artwork for their Euphoria & Lovesick Blues LP. This caught our eye and when we threw it into the CD player we were immediately captivated by the audio as well. We heard distinct notes of Caledonia and Blind Melon mixed together! And this ends up being a winning combination!

Check out their website for more!

Interview with the Gay Nineties

wpid-20141103_211438.jpgThis podcast was soo much fun to create because we went to see the Gay Nineties play this past Monday in Hamilton and their show was unbelievably awesome! So a little bit of this show is us babbling about how great that show was, then we give them a call before their set at Call the office in London. We chat with Malcolm a bit and then feature a bunch of their brand new tracks from their brand new EP “Liberal Guilt” which is amazing!!! Check this podcast out!



MAM Hate Mail – Anti-Battle for Solidarity!

Throughout the past little bit our program has seen more hate mail than in all the 5+ years that we have been doing the show…so much so that we couldn’t fit it all into this show and we will likely have to do a part 2 addressing certain concerns.

In this podcast we issue apologies to various hate mail that we have received, explain the situation from our perspective, hope that we are improving the lives of everyone in the word and play some great tracks to back these issues…..yes, even the Unicorns!


Top Shelf Video: “Floating in the Sky” by The Wet Secrets

The Wet Secrets, one of our favourite bands, have always put out great video’s going all the way back to their DIY days. We feature two of their newest video’s in this weeks episode of Top Shelf Video, BUT check out all of their great video’s below!

These are the two video’s from the podcast:

These are some other wicked Wet Secret Video’s:

And the DIY AMAZING video for Get your own appartment:


Avec Le Soleil Sortant De Sa Bouche

Check out this wicked new band above and their first album “Zubberdust!”

The track listing reminds us initially of the Mars Volta but the music is more Do Make Say Think – esque with a twist! Check it out!

Mano A Mano nickname Battle

“Nickname/Pet Names” was the theme submitted by our Mano Amigo. See how DJ Steel and AdRock Interpret the theme in the podcast above!

With many shout out’s to past and future Mano A Mano DJ’s like DJ Jeff E Jeff, DJ APes, DJ RAM, DJ Cheese, The Lady Fox, DJ Pickey Pete, and Bailey.

Fixing Ol’ Betsy Mano A Mano battle

Check out the podcast above as we rock out some super hard hitting tracks while I explain to AdRock about the repairs that were done to “ol’ Betsy” my beloved van.

If you or any of your loved ones are experiencing heat problems in one of your vehicles and don’t have the money to get someone to fix it…Go to this site! Perhaps you can make a change in someones life:


Bring the Foo Fighters to Waterloo!?! + The Unicorns!!!!!

James Brown is/was trying to bring the Foo Fighters here to the illustrious Waterloo. I include “was” in my previous sentence because as I type this and visit his kickstart page it says (canceled). His Kickstart page that can still be found here (at least for now).

There are a few problems that I see with this whole situation….

1)The Foo Fighters need $350 000 to come to Waterloo! WHAT! That is quite the pay off for one night of rock. I have been working to get the Unicorns to come play in Waterloo just for the betterment of the city.

2) CANCON – I wonder if James Brown told the masses of Waterloo that a Canadian Classic band such as the Unicorns was opening for the Foo Fighters if it would have gotten more pledges. Although American music is great, I think that Canadians are waking up to the amazing Canadian culture that is right before them. We don’t have to pay the high prices to import culture anymore – WE HAVE IT!

3) What I think he thought would have happened (and still may) is that a big company like Blackberry or Manulife etc would jump on board and endorse the concert. Blackberry has brought in Huge bands in the past for its employees and has thrown some amazing concerts in the city.

Perhaps he can appeal to the creators of “Big Music Fest II” and get the Foo Fighters on that bill. But that is a rant for another time!

Our own plight: We have had some success with Canadian Indie bands to contact them and have them play concerts in the area but the Unicorns are difficult guys to reach. They broke up approx. 10 years ago and played a handful of shows this past August. If you are unfamiliar with their brand of music check out the podcast above! We have had our own radio campaign to have the Unicorns come and play here in Waterloo which is why I push for them to become the Foo Fighters openers! We also want the Unicorns on the Mano A Mano program (and I guess we would take members of the Foo Fighters too, but they have to work around the Unicorns busy schedule) Hopefully one day James Brown and MAM’s hopeful concerts can all be realized!

Rock Cut Feature: 54-40

54-40 has always been a favourite band of the Mano A Mano show, SoundFM and pretty much all of Canada. They are in the midst of recording their new album and “Building Future History”. Right now they are doing a very cool tour where they are playing a bunch of their singles acoustically and giving some cool stories about either the recording or some background information about each of these Canadian classics!

We were lucky enough to check out the last third of the Hamilton show! IT was AWESOME! The stories are great and because the songs are so well written they hold up acoustically and seem to connect even more intimately with the audience.

Although we missed the first two thirds of this show we are not worried – 54-40 is playing here in Waterloo! OCTOBER 19th! More details here: Details