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    1. Just for you:

      Start Time Title Creator Composer
      2019-07-27 20:00:00 Diarabi Issa Bagayogo Issa Bagayogo; Kante Manfila
      2019-07-27 20:06:13 Ayo King Sunny Ade
      2019-07-27 20:14:55 Kanakassi Zal Sissokho Et Buntalo
      2019-07-27 20:18:38 Let Them Say King Sunny Ade
      2019-07-27 20:24:42 Rotas da Vida Vicente da Câmara Francisco Branco Rodrigues; Franklin Godinho (Fado Franklin)
      2019-07-27 20:29:47 Mbollo Zal Sissokho Et Buntalo
      2019-07-27 20:32:40 Mandare Ndare Forward Kwenda Traditional
      2019-07-27 20:38:10 Tiedo Baaba Maal Baaba Maal; Jules Brookes; Ron Aslan; Simon Emmerson
      2019-07-27 20:44:16 Tekana Etran Finatawa Ghalitane Khamidoune
      2019-07-27 20:49:39 Merci Zal Sissokho Et Buntalo
      2019-07-27 20:53:08 Africa Challenge Toumani Diabate
      2019-07-27 20:58:52 Nou Pas Bouger (Don’t Move Us) Salif Keita Salif Keita
      2019-07-27 21:06:06 Ai Du Ali Farka Touré / Ry Cooder High
      2019-07-27 21:13:12 La Palabre Zal Sissokho Et Buntalo
      2019-07-27 21:16:47 Manio Seckou Keita Sadio Cissokho; Seckou Keita
      2019-07-27 21:24:20 Eparapo Tony Allen
      2019-07-27 21:31:30 Kaira Ba Jayme Stone & Mansa Sissoko
      2019-07-27 21:39:21 Dakar Jayme Stone & Mansa Sissoko
      2019-07-27 21:43:08 Majo King Sunny Ade
      2019-07-27 21:50:48 N’ba Habib Koité & Bamada
      2019-07-27 21:55:24 Djula Jayme Stone & Mansa Sissoko
  1. Requiem for Rock really rocks! Great western tune The Good, The bad and the ugly

    Truly a classic and a refreshing way to liven up Wednesday evening 👍🏾🙏🏿✅

  2. Great show tonight Chris, I love being taken into the Void. Can’t wait to hear what you’ll do next week.

  3. Listening to Sauti Za Africa as the host. I am thrilled at the selection of music featuring artists from Africa. Most have not been heard here in regular broadcast stations yet they enjoy million of views on YouTube worldwide!

    Asante Africa 🙏🏿✅

  4. David Duarte listening to you has been a blessing ! Thank you for playing the best songs , you’re the best

    1. Thanks so much for listening William! Good to know someone is out there and you find the show informative. Appreciate the comment.

      Mr. Smart

    1. DJ Raph, your show is awesome. We do not have DJs with your hip hop knowledge (or taste) in Miami. Thanks for a legit Throwback Thursday! You’re the real deal. I’ll check you next time!

  5. Loving Into The Void, Chris! You’re a lot of fun to listen to and have a great music selection each week. Keep the awesome tunes coming.

  6. David Duarte you’re the best. Always playing my favourite tunes!. God bless youbamd may he continue to use your life for his glory.

    1. Give thanks Lady J you are a loyal listener and I appreciate that
      Keep up the good works in your neck of the woods Toronto too
      Blessings Everytime ..

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