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  • Bob Jonkman : Today's CKMS Community Connections is all new CanCon and KWCon music. Sorry, no podcast today, if you want to hear the music again then listen to the radio, or check the show notes, click through on the artists, and buy their music!
  • Bob Jonkman : Listening an dchatting with DJDC on R.E.A.L. Radio, Wednesday night after midnight
  • nattyphysicist : Sounds good DJ Raph!
  • Natasha : Requiem for Rock- another thought provoking show. Thank you Mr. Smart
  • Natasha : Requiem for Rock- Another thought provoking show. Thank you Mr. Smart
  • cbell : Hype tunes this evening folks.
  • Bob Jonkman : Now playing: CKMS Community Connections, with new releases from Canadian musicians, including from KW!
  • Lisa : Big up the *REGGAE PATROL* teams πŸ’£πŸ’£πŸ’£πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯@shawnbush & @shellybells
  • Bob Jonkman : Great first show, Fadhwa! Looking forward to tuning in every Friday evening
  • guest_9154 : That’s me Brahm.
  • guest_9154 : I’m doing very well. I take great care of myself. Exercise regularly. Eat well, home cooked food. Self care is very important in Covid times.
  • Bob Jonkman : Up now, DJDC and some finely mixed tunes
  • Bob Jonkman : It's Thursday, so it's dance music all afternoon, evening, and night!
  • Bob Jonkman : Up next: CKMS Community Connections, the Holiday Edition!
  • Bob Jonkman :
  • Bob Jonkman : Starting this Friday 19 March 2021 at 6pm is "The Gems Of Life"
  • Jason Broderick : Way to go Ben and Gary. Looking forward to next week. Great way to spend a Saturday AM!!
  • Iameverything host : Yesssss bodyimage
  • The Haunting Of You : go body image!
  • MAM : Gary Cain Interview right now on MAM!
  • Bob Jonkman : ...and now it's more like hard rock or heavy metal. It's, um, eclectic.
  • Bob Jonkman : Good delta blues on Val Scheer's Eclectic Garage now...
  • nattyphysicist : Good reggae right here now ⚑
  • Bob Jonkman : Nice tunes tonight, DJ Denim!
  • nattyphysicist : thanks for listening πŸ™‚
  • jrod : big tunes this hour!!!
  • nattyphysicist : bigup DJ Raph!
  • Bob Jonkman : Today's CKMS Community Connections takes you from Punk to Experimental to Hip Hop to Blues to Bluegrass to Country to three different Folk artists
  • nattyphysicist : Good sounds right now
  • CKMS Community Conne : Lots of #CanCon music this morning at 11:00am!
  • Bob Jonkman : We'll be closing our training webconf in a few minutes
  • js : great training session tonigght
  • Bob Jonkman : If you want to learn about Community Radio then come join us:
  • Bob Jonkman : We're having our weekly training session!
  • nattyphysicist : πŸ˜€
  • Robert Waterloo : Nice find, @NattyPhycisist!
  • nattyphysicist : Locked in
  • CKMS : Requiem For Rock is up after the PSAs at noon!
  • Mike : Cool!
  • nattyphysicist : Check check
  • guest_7426 : Goood music
  • The Admin : High five! You’ve successfully installed Simple Ajax Chat.

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159 thoughts on “Listen Live”

  1. I do not know what is wrong with your CKMS 102.7 FM logo because since four weeks I can not open your radio station to listen to your programs on-line.When I click on LISTEN LIVE it does not open.

  2. Crazy Prodigy mixes at the end of Souljah Sessions, wish I was recording. Locked in for Street hop next!

  3. Nice, I’m liking DNB a lot recently. I’m still new to the genre, nice to hear some alternative music in the region.

  4. Hey Jesse Stewart, your Uncle Roland & Aunt Yvonne are listening from Campbell River, your home town on Vancouver Island!

  5. into the void is the most intense, far reaching radio show you’ll ever hear. chris sherren is a musical genious. keep listening. there is so much here.

  6. Yoooo!!! Thank you for playing all the classic 2008ighties / BRKF$T CLUB songs. You just took me back too a really fun time in my life lol

    It’s crazy to know someone really appreciated our earlier work! Thank you for this and the vibes 🀘🏾

    1. Reggae patrol a my show I’m all the way in brampton and I hold a vibes to this show on a Saturday evening needs more time though

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