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CKMS Community Connections for 12 September 2022: The SOCAN Show

Show Notes

(an assortment of coins, Australian dollars of various denominations, dirty. Difficult to tell if this is a black&white image, or just monochromatic, boring coins)
filthy lucre

Nothing but music this week, so no podcast, no bonus footage, no image gallery. Just music. Two hours worth! And it’s our SOCAN ratings week, which means that any musicians played today will receive oodles of royalties (for extremely low values of “oodles”). To maximize this economic windfall for Waterloo Region, most of the music is KWCon.




Time Title Album Artist
0m00s Theme for CKMS Community Connections ccc CKMS Sunflower logo (yellow petals surrounding a black centre with white wavies all on a teal background)
CKMS Community Connections
Steve Todd
0m44s Neon Soul Here Between | Eric Bolton (photos in primary colour stripes)
Here Between
Eric Bolton
4m10s Infinite Everything Missy Bauman (illustration of a woman holding a bunny while hiding behind ferns)
Missy Bauman
7m32s Ghost shows a person sitting at a campfire surrounded by rabbits and other wildlife
Don’t Fear the Dark
10m17s Sleep a Little Better (closeup of light purple snowdrop flowers)
Courtney Wolfe
12m44s El Mundo
Fuego Fatal /
God Wants Me to Be Sexy
Cindy Gomez
16m02s Again and Again
19m58s Echo (Black and White photo of Alysha Brilla singing into a microphone and holding a guitar)
Alysha Brilla
22m33s California May 9 2 (Katy Topham playing guitar)
Katy Topham
26m09s Wake Up Call Wake Up Call | Clarissa Diokno (Clarissa sitting on the floor in front of a couch with a telephone on it)
Wake p Call
Clarissa Diokno
29m30s Awake Asleep Impossible World | Wilfred N & the Grown Men (B&W photo of a dog with long fur laying on the ground)
Impossible World
Wilfred N & the Grown Men
32m55s Calling You Home Speed Of Life | Sammy Duke (stylized illustration of a pale pink moon over orange mountains with a dark red river running through them)
Speed Of Life
Sammy Duke
36m44s Just Breathe
41m10s She’s Tough Pete Temple & The Cornerstones | Live At The Boat House (white and red letters over a background photo of The Boathouse looking over Victoria Park lake)
Live at the Boathouse
Pete Temple & The Cornerstones
45m49s Boathouse (Roadhouse) Blues
49m48s Corner of Lincoln Corner of Lincoln | Lethal Pandemic & Hypnotic Mirage (B&W photo of shattered glass or ice, with a glass or ice flower in the centre)
Lethal Pandemic & Hypnotic Mirage
53m30s Street Hop JOGA  Standard Moves LP (Illustration of a disk with white ettering for JOGA and black lettering for Standard Moves)
Standard Moves
57m13s Coldest Nights (Man wearing a winter jacket with his back to the camera facing a playground swing set)
Kylof Söze
59m23s On My Own JI (white lowercase outline letters on a black background with an octave of piano keys below)
Creative Recording Initiative 2022
Fredlyne Kayee & Demaya Green
1h01m49s (and i will) grow a garden This Garden | Andrew Jacob Rinehart / Eli Sokoloff Haris (very faint lettering on top and below,  with an image of a living room with a harp, music box, radiator, chair)
This Garden
Andrew Jacob Rinehart
1h05m07s Cherry Blossoms
1h08m30s Sterling Is…Reprise (a burst of orange and green colour, mirrored vertically)
Broken Songs by a Broken Man
Deaf By Design
1h11m44s Happy Song Good To See You | Henry Taylor (B&W photo of Henry Taylor wearing a winter coat and hat in a forest)
Good To See You
Henry Taylor
1h15m09s Leave It Alone
1h19m09s Revolution Electric Gas (illustration of a wall plate with an electrical outlet and a gas flame on a yellow background)
Electric Gas
Electric Gas
1h24m00s Lost Electric Gas | The Scars Stay (illustration of a wall plate with an electrical outlet and a gas flame on a blue background)
The Scars Stay
1h27m37s Pretty Baby Truth or Deceiver | HotKid (collage of cutout sections of photos of a woman's face)
Truth or Deceiver
1h31m50s Warrior
1h34m27s I’m Not Over You Yet I'm Not Over You Yet | Steve Todd and Stewart McKie (photo of a girl's legs walking in the sand of a beach)
Steve Todd and Stewart McKie
1h39m29s There You Were (Steve Todd playing acoustic guitar in a field)
Bonita Vanderpas and Steve Todd
1h44m58s I Am Only The Moon Lynn Jackson (illustration of a moon on a red background with purple horizontal stripes representing clouds)
I Am Only The Moon
Lynn Jackson
1h49m16s Love My Hood Theme Song Songs of Kitchener (illustration of a woman watching children in a playground with a music staff floating around her)
Songs of Kitchener
Mary Abdel-Malek Neil
1h51m59s The Hohner Ave Porch Party Song
1h53m59s Aeronautic Ponysapien (clouds over water, coloured with a spectrum of colours)
1h56m49s End of show credits, then
Brazilian Opportunities

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