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CKMS Community Connections for 20 May 2024: Spring 2024 Fundraiser and Jax Rula of WEFT Fest

Show Notes

Spring 2024 Fundraiser

(chart showing the amount of money raised and number of pledges. This is dynamic, the numbers change as pledges are received)

Bob makes pitches for the Spring 2024 Fundraiser throughout the show. We’re raising funds to keep Radio Waterloo on the air — money raised will go towards maintenance of our equipment, offsetting increases in rent both for the studio and our transmitter, and generally dealing with inflation. There are prizes of T-shirts from Radio Waterloo, Street Hop, and All Weather Haulage, and CD compilations of music from local musicians.

Make your donation at https://radiowaterloo.ca/give.


Spring 2024 Fundraiser Wrap-Up Special

Join our Fundraising Committee members on-air as we summarize the fundraiser, and give away the prizes!


(headshot of a woman with long blonde hair)
Jax Rula

Bob speaks with Jax Rula of WEFT Fest, the Woolwich Expressions in Fibre Traditions about the name “WEFT Fest”, events taking place, the Vendors’ Market, and some of the other events.

The interview starts at 4m30s.


WEFT Fest. Woolwich Expressions in Fibre Traditions. (colourful letters, as though they're cut out of cloth)
WEFT Fest Events


Download: ckms-community-connections-2024-05-20-episode159-Spring-2024-Fundraiser-and-Jax-Rula-of-WEFT-Fest.mp3 (51 MB, 55m10s, episode 159)


Time Title Album Artist
0m00s Theme for CKMS Community Connections ccc CKMS Sunflower logo (yellow petals surrounding a black centre with white wavies all on a teal background)
CKMS Community Connections
Steve Todd
0m32s Bob makes a pitch for the Spring 2024 Fundraiser, and introduces the first track.
2m05s Pixels (a mushroom in grass, some dry leaves scattered about)
Amanda Braam
4m30s Bob speaks with Jax Rula of WEFT Fest. Jax explains that on a loom the “warp” are the strings that go on the loom, and the “weft” are the strings that make the pattern. But WEFT is also the Woolwich Expressions in Fibre Traditions. Jax created a venue, the TriSisters Art House and wanted to be part of the Quilt and Fibre Arts Festival. But the ladies that ran it were retired, and to continue the festival Jax had to change the name. Jax tells us about the TriSisters Art House. It’s busy at the Vendors’ Market; Jax talks with some customers. Talking about some of the other events taking place during the ten days of the festival. Jax tells us about the items in the auction. Jax’s fibre art is dollmaking, and she tells us of alternate fibres, for example, paper. And Jax tells us about the Vendors’ Market in the Timber Barn, and some of the other events.
15m06s Is This Human? (A woman wearing a sari and a steampunk helmet)
Trina Chakrabarti
19m15s Bob tells listeners how to submit music and continues to pitch for donation throughout the rest of the show.
23m26s Skeletons In The Closet (a mushroom in grass, some dry leaves scattered about)
Amanda Braam
28m09s Siren Song
36m46s Inertia Hello Hopeless. Dark Pasts, Brighter Futures. (two large red 'H's on a black background)
Dark Pasts, Brighter Futures
Hello Hopeless
42m25s Hell Or High Water Onion Honey | Hell or High Water (painting of the Carpathia steaming towards the sinking Titanic)
Onion Honey
50m00s California Living Room. California. (two men sitting in front of a green wall)
Living Room for Small
51m00s Coffee? Coffee? | The Whythouse | Coffee? |The Whythouse (picture of a diner-in-a-trailer with a signpost "West Side Diner")
The Whythouse
54m11s End Credits

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