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Top Shelf Video: The Gay Nineties Letterman

This is the third time we recorded the segment for this same video. We wanted to start with this video since it was a tweet by the Gay Nineties that gave us the initial idea in the first place!

Check out our review/commentary of the Gay Nineties video “Letterman” above then be sure to check this great video out below!

Paul Jago unearths the Gandharvas concert!


Last week Mano A Mano brought to you the exclusive interview with Paul Jago from the night of the Imbibe concert brought to you by SoundFM/Mano A Mano and Lake of Bays Brewing Company. Now we bring you the concert!

There are a few songs missing from the second set but just wait because Mano A Mano will be releasing video of some of these missing tracks soon! Also, check out the beer list below! Most notably the Mano A Mano Pomegranate Cerveza that was on tap that night and SOLD OUT!!!!MAM Pomegranite Cervesa


Downtime with Paul Jago

wpid-img_20140831_090753.jpgJust before the epic Paul Jago concert at Imbibe in Kitchener, where he unearthed the music of the Gandharvas, we were lucky enough to sit down with Paul and pick his brain about The Gandharvas, Said Dog, Balls Deluxe and more! Check it all out in the interview podcast!

The Gandharvas live concert will be aired over the next few weeks on the Mano A Mano show!


The Crazy Canuck

20140712_153926In our quest to visit the BEST restaurants in the KW region we got on the road (Weber street) and traveled until we saw the Big Brown Beaver on the logo of The Crazy Canuck! The restaurant is right across from the St. Jacobs outlet stores.

We knew in advance that this place was going to be great and DJ Jeff E Jeff and the lady fox wanted to accompany us too! I kept thinking that we were going to get a crosswind (as you can hear in the podcast) at the restaurant but it was actually the Lake of Bays Brewing Company “Top Shelf” Beer that was on tap!

20140712_154321We have been talking quite a bit about our craving for poutine and what is cool about this restaurant is that they have 8 different types of poutine. DJ Jeff E Jeff went with the Greek Tzatzik Poutine seen on the right and DJ AdRock went with the Smoked Meat Poutine seen on the left! I was able to try both of the poutines and they were both exceptional!

20140712_154346Like our co-host on the podcast, DJ Steelhead, who won our Lake of Bays Brewing company contest, I (DJ Steel) am a burger man.  I was a little worried about going with “The Crazy Canuck” burger; I didn’t want to look like a light-weight and not be able to finish, so instead I went with “The Best Burger in Town”. The name alone made me feel like I was making the right choice. It can be seen here….It was the best burger I have had in this town to date! I will continue my quest trying to top this…but it has set the bar pretty high! If your looking at all these above mentioned meals and thinking “I’m vegitarian, I bet there is nothing that I would like here” well you are wrong! The Crazy Canuck is currently revamping 20140712_154445their website and we were ordering off their new menu. The Lady Fox found this gem: The Quinoa Burger with the option of a lettuce bun!

In fact the new menu has a whole vegetarian section that you veegs can choose from!

The Crazy Canuck has got a cool vibe to it. When we went, it was a beautiful day and so we decided to sit outside under the Patio Laterns. The inside though is perfect for music lovers! There is an abundance of Canadian Music vinyl covers all over the walls to check out while ordering or dinning 20140712_164911in. In addition to this once your done your meal you can walk into the adjoining antique store and reminisce about cool items from your youth (as we did! )

Altogether we had a GREAT time dinning at The Crazy Canuck……But wait! DESSERT!

ooh man…..it was soo good I’m not even going to describe it…I will just finish this post with this picture:



Lake of Bays Contest Winner: Chris Martin!

Here is the profile of our newest Lake of Bays Brewing Company wpid-20140722_220133.jpgwinner!
Name: Chris Martin
DJ Name: DJ Steelhead
Twitter: @steelheadsfan78

Lead singer of Coldplay

Facilitator of the Leafsaholics anonymous site
Follow on Twitter: @TMLeafsaholics

 2 time Mississauga Steelheads Fan of the year

1 time OHL fan on the year

Winner of the Mano A Mano/Lake of Bays Brewing Company Share, Share A Like contest!

Honourary SoundFM & Mano A Mano DJ.

LB Beer Tasting Competition on SoundFM

Although the podcast above is a tasting challenge you, the listener, can play along and submit your score
for your chance to win an exciting prize also.
wpid-20140715_221137.jpg1) Listen to the podcast.
2) Write down which lake of bays beer you think they are tasting based on the song that we play.
3) Keep your score and your answers
4) Submit to: manoamanoradio@soundfm.ca

*) Any submission counts as an entry (not only the best score)

The masked competetors shown are DJ Merlyn (aka DJ Second Choice, aka DJ Plan B), DJ Dragon,  The 100 Beer Guy ( ), and Mattthew George ( )


They each taste tested their way through 7 rounds of various Lake of Bays Brewing Company Beers while DJ AdRock rocked out seemingly fitting rock tracks; giving the listeners a glimps at the struggles the contestants were having!wpid-20140715_205924.jpg

In the end it came down to a exciting tie for second place that could only be settled with a most difficult tie breaker! Check out the podcast for the complete details

When all the votes were in we had our winner! Mattthew George (The Lake of Bays representative) won by a landslide. Second place went to none other than! DJ Merlyn!!!! Congrats!!!






Above is our Beertown review Battle. Beertown is a great restaurant right in Waterloo Square. Although the above  mainly talks about our most recent visit, we also talk about a few other great things that have gone down at Beertown.

Firstly, Beertown is doing a special cask night on Thursdays. On various Thursdays they are featuring different craft brewery casks. If your like me you have no idea what a cask is….well as DJ AdRock explains: it is kinda like a keg but it is a more natural way to brew beer that uses yeast to carbonate the beer instead of artificial carbonation. (something like that at least)

Anyways, all the technical stuff aside, it has a very smooth taste. We headed down to Beertown because we heard that they were having a Lake of Bays Brewing Company Sparkhouse Red Ale Cask on tap. AdRock and I decided to split up, I went in at dinner time with my family to dine and DJ AdRock went with the university crowd at night.


During the dinner time Beertown session, the first thing I ordered was the Fish Taco’s. This is a picture of just one, but you get two of these bad boys! I have always heard great things about these fish taco’s and they did not disappoint!

wpid-20140703_182626.jpgBefore I ordered this I noticed it was right between the appetizers and the entrees so I thought that it wouldn’t be enough so I also ordered the Poutine. Food wise the portions were so good that I could have done with just one of the two of these but, I was glad that I did order the Poutine because it was soooooooo good also! I must be Canadian because I have been craving it! The food and the Lake of Bays Brewing Company Sparkhouse Red Ale Cask were both excellent. The dinner portion of the night was excellent! As DJ AdRock reports in the podcast, the evening was a great time as well; mainly spent drinking more of the cask. Make sure to follow @beertownph and @LB_Brewing to find out when Lake of Bays will have a feature cask at Beertown again!

wpid-20130811_210750.jpgIf your ever in the heart of Waterloo and looking for an exceptional place to eat and enjoy your favourite Lake of Bays Brewing Company beer stop into Beertown!

And there is always the chance that Neil Osborne and the 54-40 guys might be there rocking out!

The Lancaster Smokehouse Battle

As part of Season 8 of the Mano A Mano show we are going to visit and review various local establishments that serve Lake of Bays Brewing Company beverages. This will then be used as our Mano A Mano battle theme every other week.

wpid-20140607_182610.jpgThe Podcast kinda does the best job in describing the experience but I will add here a few photo’s and a brief description.

Upon getting there I was surprised at how packed the restaurant was – which is always a great sign!

And then the food! ooh my goodness! It was excellent! I have never had wings this good before…it was a different style wpid-1402187990143.jpgfrom what I am used to, but it was excellent. Not battered, not deep fried – BBQ’d!! I also had some ribs, beer battered onion rings, some weird jalapeno bread ball things all topped off nicely with a refreshing Lake of Bays Beverage – Spark House red ale.
This Restaurant is a hidden gem in the KW area and I am very lucky that it is right near my house! I am definitely going to have to make a few extra stops here! Check out the podcast for some bands such as the local band The Gary Cain Band who play here and other songs we felt are great SmokeHouse Tunes!

Check out their website and menu here: http://www.lancsmokehouse.com/

Rock Cut Feature: The Gay 90’s and the Wet Secrets

The Wet Secrets have been one of my favourite bands for a long while. We recently got the chance to see the Wet Secrets and their live show is just awesome! They are definitely a band you want to check out at NXNE. But not only are the Wet Secrets playing that show…..

… just recently two other bands have entered my top ten fav bands, those being The Mounties and Fur Trade. A common element to those two bands is Parker Bossley who is guitarist and singer of a band called The Gay Nineties – who is on tour right now with the Wet Secrets.  Their music is awesome! I have seen the Mounties a few times now and Parker Bossley is an amazing musician so I anticipate these Gay Nineties sets to be awesome as well!

Omino City
The Gay Nineties

There are two local-ish shows coming up, one being a NXNE showcase:
Sat June 14 – Hamilton, ON at Club Absinthe
Thu June 19 – Toronto, ON at The Rivoli (CoPilot AM showcase)

This is guaranteed to be a great show!!!!

Feature Band