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Robot Apocalypse Rock Cut Feature Band

Matt Kras from the newly formed Robot Apocalypse Collective came by the Mano A Mano show to promote the new self titled EP that was just released. Check out the podcast above for some of the music and then Download it FREE on the link below!

The Robot Apocalypse Collective brings together performing members from 54-40, Limblifter, Hot Hot Heat, The Gay Nineties, Fur Trade, The Mounties, The Cursed Arrows, The Gary Cain Band, Elsa Jayne, Cyanide Kiss, Audio Boffins, All Weather Haulage, DJ AdRock’s Country Experience.
2015-08-20 08.51.54


Colin Stetson & Sarah Neufeld

Colin Stetson is a past Mano A Mano “Rock Cut Feature Band of the Week” and is featured in an episode of the “Electrifying Adventures of DJ Jeff E Jeff” (Mano A Mano’s Radio Comic that features only CDN content)

So, when this new Colin Stetson collaboration with Sarah Neufeld came into the station it immediately peaked our attention. After one listen it is amazing! Check out the new material above in our podcast and if you haven’t see what Colin Stetson can do check him out in the video below:

Rock Cut Video: For Esme “You”

Coming up on July 24th is the WAYHOME music festival! The line-up boasts some great musicians from across the content including one of our past feature bands: For Esme

This podcast was released a while ago when we found their vinyl in the station! We were thrilled to test out the vinyl and find a rich combination of atmospheric sounds combined with great song writing. For Esme has just released a new track and is set to release a new album called “Sugar” later on this year. The new track is called “You”. This months Rock Cut Video is “You” by For Esme. Check it out below!

Comic Corner Episode 2: Canada Day

Hi Mano Amigos,

Here is our second installment of our “Comic Corner” or “Comic Book Corner” let us know if you have a better name at: manoamanoradio@soundfm.ca

Anyways, in this episode we talk about the newest issue of our favourite comic Captain Canuck along with our very own Comic “The Electrifying Adventures of DJ Jeff E Jeff” and some news about the day. Check it out in our video/Radio/podcast:

Rock Cut Feature: Godspeed You! Black Emperor

Godspeed You! Black Emperor is a band that is near and dear to our hearts. They are the one of the first bands that we featured on “The Electrifying Adventures of DJ Jeff E Jeff”, our Audio Comic that features great Canadian Bands. As such, when we saw their new album ‘Asunder, Sweet and Other Distress’ we knew we had to release it on the same day that we closed out The Electrifying Adventures – Canada Day!

Sit back and enjoy this soundscape! Then go and pick up this album! You will not be disappointed!

Rock Cut Feature: Paul Jago

We found out earlier this year that Paul Jago was going to be releasing some new songs. He just recently put out a few demo tapes! We aren’t sure if he is going to be taking these into the recording studio or not….but we were so stoked to hear these that we had to do a feature. Check them out above!


Mano A Mano’s NXNE Review

Okay so this is less of a review and more a video of one of our favourite performances from the festival. We just got this tech the day before the festival and untested we embarked on the electrifying adventure. Obviously we need to invest in a tripod and a windscreen but this video should get the idea across about how awesome this band is!

Their were soo many bands we had the pleasure of seeing including our shows favourite local band Pick a Piper! But the highlight of this years festival was the band Son Lux who put on an amazing performance! Check out a track here:

Gilt Restaurant Review!

wpid-20150520_201935.jpgWe heard that Gilt Restaurant had our favourite Lake of Bays Brewing Company beverages and so we had to check out this restaurant to see how it was.
wpid-20150520_184001.jpgTo Start things off the Lady fox has some food allergies and this restaurant was very accommodating! The server even went over with her which items she should choose from and worked out a personal mean just for her. Not only that, most “Special Orders” in other restaurants are just thrown together in an attempt to get something out. This looked and tasted amazing!

The Rest of us decided upon 6 tapas to share.wpid-20150520_183901.jpg
The first was some amazing chicken that was like nothing I have ever tastes before. It can be seen in the skillet in the image here. Those pieced of heaven in front of the skillet at the puff potatoes…WOW, they were AMAZING! Let move along to the next course..

wpid-20150520_185150.jpgThis was my (DJ Steel’s) favourite dish of the evening. The Lobster Rolls. A close second was the puff potatoes seen above. These lobster rolls were loaded with lobster!

The Next Selection here was DJ AdRock’s favourite dish of the evening the pork belly perogies!wpid-20150520_185536.jpg On the menu is a Lake of Bays Brewing Company IPA beer. We confirmed with the server this is the 10 point ale. This was a perfect complementary drink for these dishes, as seen in the photo’s they didn’t last too long.

wpid-20150520_191755.jpgDJ AdRock then went with a Lake of Bays Brewing Company Crosswind pale ale and I got another 10 point.

The next part of the meal was the scallops! Perfectly cooked!  What a way to finish off the dinner part….but we were not done there! We had to stick around for some dessert!

Gilt Restaurant did not disappoint! Everything was so good! In addition to the restaurant being so good we hear that a few days after we were there they had an outdoor concert on their patio!wpid-20150520_194404.jpg


We definitely give Gilt Restaurant two thumbs up! Check them out online here:


Season 2 Episode 2: Interrogations #DJJEJ

Last night on the SoundFM program “Electrifying Sessions”, DJ Jeff E Jeff released Season 2 Episode 2: Interrogations from the series “The Electrifying Adventures of DJ Jeff E Jeff”. This episodes is the 10th installment in the series. Artwork for this episode was created by Sophia Westrop.

We continue to feature great Canadian Bands in this series. Here is the next group of great Canadian bands (in order of appearance):

1) Hayden
2) The Zolas
3) After Dark
4) Blind
5) Foxtrott
6) Last Ex
7) Hoosier Poet
8) Mean Red Spiders
9) The Marble Index
10) Robot Apocalypse featuring Parker Bossley of Fur Trade and The Gay Nineties

S1 Episode 5: Detective J. Steel

This past Tuesday on “The Electrifying Session with DJ Jeff E JEff” we re-released Episode 5: Detective J. Steel while gearing up for the season 2 release. We also released the Season 2 promo that can be seen below. This is the first issue where DJ Steel is introduced into the story to help DJ AdRock figure out what is going on with his Mano A Mano co-host! This also brought Big Poppa Higgs in as the voice of DJ Steel.

Episode 5 Artwork by Fred Start:

Episode 5
Music in order of appearance by:
1) Mind of A Squid
2) Bella Clava
3) Fujahtive
4) K-OS
5) Falcon Punch
6) House of Velvet
7) Quarterback
8) Mise en Scene
9) Kid Koala
10) Yamantaka | Sonic Titan
11) The Tragically Hip
12) My Dad vs Your
13) New Wings
14) UBT
15) Matthew Good
16) Wax Mannequin
17) Bryan Adams

Episode 2: “The Water Bottle Mystery” #DJJEJ

This Past Tuesday we re-released Episode 2: The Water Bottle Mystery so that it would have a place here on the SoundFM website! Coming soon will be the SEASON 2 Trailer!!!!!!!

The Electrifying Adventures of DJ Jeff E Jeff Season 1 by Mano A Mano

Episode 2 Artwork by DJ Steel:
Episode 2

Music in order of appearance by:
1) Audio Boffins
2) Said Dog
3) Cowlick
4) Obscure Disorder
5) Said The Whale
6) Bocce
7) Tom Green
8) Wolf Parade
9) Shout Out Out Out Out
10) In My Coma
11) The Gandharvas
12) All Weather Haulage
13) The Mark Inside
14) Gang Signs
15) Walk off the Earth


Episode 1: “The Server room” #DJJEJ

Tonight we re-released episode 0 and episode 1 of The Electrifying Adventure of DJ Jeff E Jeff. Episode 0 is just the set up for the series and episode 1 is the pilot episode. If you listen to episode 1 and find the editing slow….well so do we! Make sure to check out episode 2 because that is where things really pick up and don’t look back!

Anyways check out the episode 1 and episode 0 posts!

The Electrifying Adventures of DJ Jeff E Jeff Season 1 by Mano A Mano

Music in order of appearance by:
1) 54-40

The Electrifying Adventures of DJ Jeff E Jeff Season 1 by Mano A Mano

Artwork by Fred Start:
Episode 1

Music in order of appearance by:
1) Godspeed you! Black Emperor
2) Mother Mother
3) All Weather Haulage
4) Canailles
6) Spoken Word by Marcus Green of “The Smokin’ Word”
7) The Organ Thieves
8) Kashoo
9) Poor Young Things
10) Limblifter

11) Bad Bad Not Good
12) Cyanide Kiss
13) The Unicorns

DJ Jeff E Jeff Season 2 Information!

In this podcast we talk a lot about various different things that Bryan Talked about in his podcast that can be heard here:

Much of the stuff that he mentioned was released for the first time on his show and we confirm that and a bunch of other cool stuff about the audio comic.

We then start talking about a bunch of things Captain Canuck. I didnt realize that the Unholy War series was somewhat of a separate entity. We talk about the great artwork of this series and how you can order it here:

Limblifter! New Album: Pacific Milk! Tour!

We are very excited to finally getting around to posting this podcast with the brand new Limblifter track “Dopamine”. Just when you thought that all the great riffs had been rocked here comes an amazing new one that will definitely cause an earworm in your head!

The album “Pacific Milk” drops April 7th but if you attend one of this upcoming shows you can pick up an advanced copy! See you at the shows!

Captain Canuck

Check out our podcast featuring the Great Captain Canuck and some great Canadian Bands such as The Tragically Hip, The Mounties and Said the Whale!

Here is the picture I was attempting to instagram at the beginning of the show:

We are very excited to read all of these and hope to complete our sets in the near future and hopefully we will be able to bring you more information on Captain Canuck! In the meantime, be sure to check out this FREE Captain Canuck web series. The first video is embedded below and at the end it will take you right into the next. Each episode is approximately 5 minutest long and there are 5 videos and they are GREAT! Check it out!

The Smashing Pumpkins!

A long time favourite band of the show, The Smashing Pumpkins just released a new album “Monuments to an Elegy”. Check out a few of our fav tracks from the album above!

And Below….Billy Corgan has gotten himself into a little tiff with Anderson Cooper. They talk about it and various other cyber attacks:


We did something never before done on radio or even thought of for that matter…..Due to the severity of awesomeness of this band the Alpacas and them having a great video we decided to open the Top Shelf Video vault within the Rock Cut Feature Vault. We were glad we didn’t explode and I think that the structural integrity of the show held together because of the quality of the band and their music that we were playing. Check out a few tracks above by the Alpacas and then listen in as we review their “Comb My Hair” video that can also be found below!

Top Shelf Video: Fur Trade’s “Same Temptation”

Fur Trade, who had one of CKMS’s Top Tracks of 2013 for their song “Kids These Days” from their album “Don’t get Heavy” has released another video for the track “Same Temptation” off the same album. We came across the video on Facebook and waited for the show to watch it to experience first hand what is going on! Check out our on the spot reactions above and then make sure to check out this video below!

This video does not disappoint….however it seems to be a part one of an ongoing story! We aren’t sure when or how this story is going to end! But we will see what we can find out!

MAM’s 4 weeks of Christmas CONTEST – Lake of Bays Brewing Company

Check out our Mounties band Christmas track above after we explain the contest and reveal our first winner Iulliana! Individuals sent us their movember pictures for the first week of the contest!

Our next give away draws will be:
DEC 9 – just contact us at @mamradio or manoamanoradio@soundfm.ca

DEC 16 – Send a photo of a great or terrible Christmas ornament for one entry. Submit a Lake of Bays inspired ornament for 5 entries!

DEC 23 – Last Minute Christmas give away!

Enter early and enter often! Because even if you do not win one week….your name is still included for the rest of the draws!

Contest Winner

Cursed Arrows

The Cursed arrows have performed live on the Mano A Mano show before and are one of our favourite bands. I noticed Ryan in the liner notes as a producer for an older local band called Silent Films and checked out their site and they just released an album of cover songs appropriately titled “Couvre Projet”.

Check out more from this dynamic duo here:

The Tourist Company

This album “Space Race” came into the station and we were again intrigued by the cover art. We check it out and the music was great! DJ AdRock describes it best in the podcast above – Check it out, then check out more from this band here:


Stone River

The first thing we noticed from Stone River was the awesome artwork for their Euphoria & Lovesick Blues LP. This caught our eye and when we threw it into the CD player we were immediately captivated by the audio as well. We heard distinct notes of Caledonia and Blind Melon mixed together! And this ends up being a winning combination!

Check out their website for more!