AW@L Radio – 2012-01-16 – Smash the State Report!

The Smash the State Report takes the @mediacoop’s December in review, adds some comments, and then plays a bit on stopping being a racist against indigenous people, some info about how Lesbian couples have a zero percent rate of beating up their children, and highlight the CFRC prison radio project in kingston.

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AW@L Radio – 2012-01-15 – New Year but the World Still Collapses – Eco-Update

Turns out, even more canadian NGO’s are willing to suck on the industrial-colonial straw as, World University Service Canada (WUSC), World Vision Canada, and Plan Canada team up with mining Rio Tinto Alcan, Barrick Gold, and IAMGOLD, and CIDA to help destroy communities and Indigenous cultures around the world. We introduce a piece from the dominion (Foreign Aid to Mining Firms: CIDA teams up with NGOs to do development work at mine sites | The Dominion ) which exposes these travesties.

We also look at Harper’s gutting of environment canada in an effort to slow climate change, a comment from David Suzuki, and an urge from the UN on a meat free diet. A little more news and some good tunes (

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From the Archives – AW@L Radio – KW Peoples Summit – Diversity of Tactics in the New Testament

first posted on as part of the KW People’s Summit 10 part audio series.

Please visit and for more information about the toronto G20 protests and ensuing political and legal fallout.

Show Notes (from june 2010, first posted june 26th 2010):

A discussion during the KW Peoples Summit,

We will explore the revolutionary context of the ministry of Jesus by giving historical perspective, deflating a few common misconceptions and celebrating the one who overturned the tables of the moneychangers. In viewing the New Testament as world-creating, empire eroding storytelling we hope to shine a light on actions and perspectives taught by Jesus, that can be used today, to disarm the powers.

Build your skills with this holistic approach to intentional world changing.

King James would hate this workshop. Safe and open to anyone, its revolutionary simplicity!

presenters: Kevin Guenther is a Master of Theological Studies student at Conrad Grebel.
Ian Stumpf is a Spiritual Care Giver at various medical facilities and is active in his community.
Both are organizing resistance to the upcoming G20 summit.

The KW Peoples Summit is running from May 3rd to June 16th 2010 and features panel discussions, workshops, authors, music, movies, and poetry themed around the upcoming G8 and G20 summits and convergences which are taking place in Huntsville and Toronto from the 18th to the 27th of June. Working with veteran community organizers, faith, youth, and cultural leaders, academics and students, the KWPS aims to present a well rounded understanding of the impacts caused through the policies formed, and the ideologies advanced, at the undemocratic G8 and G20 leaders summits. The KWPS hopes to mobilize citizens in and around Waterloo region in the quest for social justice.
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