Welcome to Episode #90 of From the Void

Tonight is all about the Pieces and my 40th Birthday!

My new podcast with Co – Host Peri Urban is on YouTube, it’s called The Listening Eyebrow and its about deep listening to good music.

ALSO!!! I released  a new album. Hear the Future.  You Tube,  Bandcamp or where ever you stream your music!

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House of Commons debate Gaza, while Kitchener families stuck in visa limbo

As the House of Commons prepares to debate the Israel-Palestine hostilities this week, several families within Kitchener say they are left powerless while their loved ones are trapped in Gaza.

Shatha Mahmoud, an organizer of the Palestinian Youth Movement in Kitchener, says that families are facing pain and terror amid the convoluted and detail-laden application process for emergency visas.

MP for Kitchener Centre, Mike Morrice, details discrepancies in the refugee visa process, the government’s response, and the March 18 parliamentary debate on the emergency visa system.

CKMS News – 2024-03-19 – Waterloo gears up to host the Ontario Bike Summit

2024-03-19 – Waterloo gears up to host the Ontario Bike Summit

by: dan kellar

Waterloo – Over 250 delegates are expected in Waterloo at the 15th annual Ontario Bike Summit from April 3rd to 5th. The event is organised by the province-wide cycling advocacy group Share the Road coalition.

The city’s press release stated “municipal staff and leaders from across Canada and internationally, [will] share ideas, best practices and opportunities for progress in cycling.”  The statement continues “This year’s Bike Summit theme explores Sustainability and Innovation through Cycling.” 

This show features interviews with Patrick Bergsma of Cycle WR and Christopher Hodgson, manager for Active transportation for the City of Waterloo.  They each discuss the upcoming bike summit, thoughts on the city’s progress on their active transportation and cycling networks, and ideas and actions to make streets safer for all users. Bergsma also highlights the locally developed Cycling Guide app which according to its website “create routes that prioritize cycling infrastructure or roads with less car traffic”.


So Old It’s New set list for Monday, March 18, 2024

Here’s my set list streamed live from 8-10 pm ET Monday, March 18, 2024. I’m back Saturday morning 8-10 am ET with my programmed show. Live in studio each Monday, 8-10 pm.

1. Hawkwind, Sonic Attack
2. Accept, Fast As A Shark
3. Ted Nugent, Stranglehold
4. Budgie, Breadfan
5. Black Sabbath, Supernaut
6. The Rolling Stones, Bite My Head Off
7. Aerosmith, The Hop
8. Eric Burdon & War, Bare Back Ride
9. T. Rex, The Slider
10. Blue Oyster Cult, She’s As Beautiful As A Foot
11. Carlos Santana/John McLaughlin/Mahavishnu Orchestra, A Love Supreme (Part 1, Acknowledgement)
12. Santana, Everything’s Coming Our Way
13. David Baerwald, Bozo Weirdo Wacko Creep
14. Traffic, John Barleycorn Must Die
15. Pretenders, Domestic Silence
16. It’s A Beautiful Day, White Bird
17. Alice Cooper, Generation Landslide
18. April Wine, Silver Dollar
19. David Wilcox, God Is On A Bender
20. Neil Young, Revolution Blues

Radio Nowhere Episode 54, 3/16/24

Download:, 58m04s, 80.0 MBytes

Big Time Peter Gabriel
Cowboys Portishead
Sweet Jane The Velvet Underground
Sorrow David Bowie
I Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know Al Kooper
Superfly Curtis Mayfield
19th Nervous Breakdown The Rolling Stones
Bad Vibrations The Black Angels
Soul Singing The Black Crowes
Hello Hooray Alice Cooper
Paranoid Black Sabbath
Time Machine Grand Funk Railroad
All Right Now Free
[Untitled Track] Los Lobos

CKMS News – 2024-03-18 – Main hurdles cleared for land donation to conservation research charity.

2024-03-18-Conservation land donation clears hurdles at Wilmot Township council.

by: dan kellar

Waterloo – The donation of the Schneider family lands in Wilmot township to the rare Charitable Research Reserve, is set to proceed after council unanimously approved changes to zoning rules and the official plan, to allow the properties to be severed and then donated.

While the Schneiders allowed public access to the lands for decades, the township’s insurance company decided that the proposed changes would require safety upgrades to infrastructure, or else risk the cancellation of their policy.    

At the March 4th meeting, insurance company vetted road safety upgrades were presented, including speed limit reductions, parking limitations, and a new 3-way stop, and staff recommended moving the project forward.

This show features interviews with the Mayor of Wilmot Township, Natasha Salonen, and the Planning Ecologist for rare, Tom Woodcock. While they focus on some different aspects of the process, both were pleased that the land donation is one step closer to completion.

CKMS News – 2024-03-17- FIRST Robotics Competition Bringing Over 1000 Youth To UW For Provincial Qualifier

2024-03-17- FIRST Robotics Competition Brining Over 1000 Youth To UW For Provincial Qualifier

Waterloo- On March 22nd and 23rd, youth-led teams from South Western Ontario will descend on the University of Waterloo to compete in the Waterloo district FIRST Robotics Competition (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology), a qualifying event for the provincial competition in April.

This year, 8 regional teams will join 32 other school and community teams entering their robots in competition with and against each other through a round-robin style tournament.  

This show features an interview with Professor Maud Gorbet, director of the Biomedical Engineering Program at the University of Waterloo, a long-term volunteer and member of the steering committee with Waterloo-Wellington FIRST, and a mentor on the KW based robotics team: the 2702 Rebels.  She discusses the competition, the importance of applied STEM education, and efforts to address the underrepresentation of women and non-binary folks, as well as Indigenous, Black and other racialized populations in STEM disciplines.

New Music Added to Libretime + Horizon Broadening Hour #22

What’s up, y’all? First up, here is what I have added to Libretime since last week:

MED Classic Rap NSFR No
Machine Gun Dolly Until the Grim Reaper… Rock CanCon
The Working Class Restless R&B CanCon
James Struthers James Struthers Other CanCon
Brews Willis Nerped by a Zircon Punk NSFR CanCon
Knotted Cord Polyphonic Beasts Expand in Parallel Rock No
Charlie Mars Blackberry Light Rock Indeterminable
Laugh At the Fakes One Night Only Pop CanCon
Bonn Smith Secret Lives Pop CanCon
Fruit Bats Tripper Indie Rock No
The Hook Up Tomorrow and Today Pop CanCon
Ten Second Epic Better Off Punk CanCon
The Boogieman Jordan Daniel Blues Pops & Jazz Smokes Rock Indeterminable
The Consumer Goods … but we don’t shoot pistols? Indie Rock (probably) CanCon
Handsom Dan and His Gallimaufry The Best There Was Folk CanCon
The Glow Try Rock CanCon
Various Artists Camobear Green Rap NSFR CanCon
Charlie Winston Running Still Alternative Indeterminable
The Agnostic Phibes Rhythm & Blood Conspiracy Campfire Tales Alternative CanCon
Canteen Knockout Broken Down Town Country CanCon
Dog Tooth Violet Dog Tooth Violet Rock CanCon
Johnny Favourite Troubadour Jazz CanCon
Mary Gauthier The Foundling Folk CanCon
Essentials Nothing But Blue Dance CanCon
David Franck Kellar A long way from Minneapolis Pop No
Niktex The Power of Yang FOlk CanCon
Birds of Wales Belgravia Hotel Rock CanCon
Kae Shelby Unbroken Folk CanCon

With that, the CD shelf is finally processed! Here’s tomorrow’s Horizon Broadening Hour:


Kae Shelby – Hurt Too Hard
Slow Down Molasses – No Riots
Kyp Harness – Old Hippie
Aidan Knight – Funeral Singers
Jake & The Fundamentals – 4am Love Affair
Eugene Ripper – Punks and Pushers
Eugene Ripper – Queen Street 1987
Eugene Ripper – It Never Really Happened
Doug Cox & Sam Hurrie – John the Revelator
Natalie Merchant – Lulu
Legere and Legere – Cajun Moon
Peter Willie Young – Standing On the Road, Kicking Gravel
Ben Rogers – Don’t Buy Me Roses
Jeff Buckley – Poor Boy Long Way From Home
No Museums – I Walk With a Fox
Rag Maple – Farewell My Wildwood Flower
Spectre Hearts – How to Look Important in Public
The Karpinka Brothers – Tetherball
Sunrise & Good People – Closer to the Flame
Harlan Wells – Canadiana
Autumn Kings – Runnin From the Police
Foonyap – Neon God
Whitney K – Ode to the Old Ways
Michael Bridge – Tokkata
Tanya Evanson – Riding the Bull Home
Le Vent Du Nore – Entre Ciel et Terre
10,000 Horses – Lets Cry
Ed Henderson – Koa Wood

See y’all next time!

So Old It’s New set list for Saturday, March 16, 2024 – on air 8-10 am ET

Alphabet soup set list – songs are by bands/artists A to Z. Set list with my track-by-track tales follow the bare-bones list.

1. Atomic Rooster, Death Walks Behind You
2. Bad Company, Crazy Circles
3. J.J. Cale, Call The Doctor
4. The Doors, Been Down So Long
5. Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Bitches Crystal
6. Faces, Cut Across Shorty (live)
7. The Guess Who, Self Pity
8. Heart, Bebe Le Strange
9. Chris Isaak, Speak Of The Devil
10. Jefferson Airplane, The Last Wall Of The Castle
11. The Kinks, Holloway Jail
12. Lynyrd Skynyrd, Four Walls Of Raiford (demo version)
13. Mott The Hoople, Thunderbuck Ram
14. Nazareth, Fat Man
15. The Ozark Mountain Daredevils, Chicken Train
16. Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, The Last DJ
17. Quicksilver Messenger Service, The Fool
18. Keith Richards, Amnesia
19. Steppenwolf, Power Play
20. Ten Years After, Woman Trouble
21. U2, The Three Sunrises
22. Van Halen, Little Dreamer
23. Wishbone Ash, Time Was
24. XTC, Ten Feet Tall
25. Yes, Parallels
26. Warren Zevon, The Overdraft

My track-by-track tales:

1. Atomic Rooster, Death Walks Behind You . . . Spooky title cut, including a galloping riff the future members of Iron Maiden might have been listening to, on the 1970 release from the British progressive hard rockers. It was the band’s second album, released after drummer Carl Palmer, who had been with Rooster keyboardist Vincent Crane in The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown, left to join Emerson, Lake & Palmer.

2. Bad Company, Crazy Circles . . . From the 1979 album Desolation Angels. Rock ‘n Roll Fantasy was the big hit and a great track and one of my favorites by Bad Co it is, but I remember this getting a fair bit of airplay back when commercial FM radio played deeper cuts, or maybe I just played it a lot. Cliche/obvious lyrics about life, perhaps, like this verse, but it works for me:

Life is like a game of chance
Some find riches and some romance
Some find happiness and some find sorrow
Some find it today and some maybe tomorrow

I’ve found all of what’s described, as perhaps many may have, at various times.

3. J.J. Cale, Call The Doctor . . . One of those great J.J. Cale tracks (aren’t they all?) that you won’t find on one of his various compilations, so you have to own, search or stream his 1971 debut album, Naturally, to hear it. Most J.J. Cale songs, like this one, are under three minutes and it never ceases to amaze me how much greatness he’s able to squeeze into such short time frames. Less is indeed often more, I suppose, leaving you wanting more and I submit one can never get enough J.J. Cale. The album produced two Cale songs, Call Me The Breeze and After Midnight, later taken to more commercial success by, respectively, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Eric Clapton in more uptempo versions than Cale’s signature laid back style. I like those versions and artists but still prefer Cale’s originals.

4. The Doors, Been Down So Long . . . From perhaps my favorite Doors album, the bluesy L.A. Woman. The track has received varying reviews over the years but I’m going with the reviewer who, according to Wikipedia, said it’s one of the Doors’ ‘must hear’ blues tracks.

5. Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Bitches Crystal . . . From Tarkus, ELP’s second album highlighted by the 21-minute title cut that was the entire side one of the original vinyl. This one, Bitches Crystal, condenses all progressive rock elements from each individual artist in the band – keyboards, drums, vocals, guitar and bass – into four minutes.

6. Faces, Cut Across Shorty (live) . . . From the rambling, shambling and that’s exactly what the fun Faces were all about, live album from 1974, Coast to Coast: Overture and Beginners. I had the record on vinyl when it came out, lost it over time, but recovered it on CD via a used shop some time back and glad to have it again. A studio version of this track, popularized by Eddie Cochran, appeared on the Rod Stewart solo album Gasoline Alley during what ultimately became an awkward 1969-74 period (of to me and many people, Rod Stewart’s greatest solo years) where Faces members were backing Stewart on his parallel solo excursions until ultimately Rod broke away, or the band broke from him, Ronnie Wood joined The Rolling Stones and Faces went kaput. The band has reunited off and on, including a stint with former Simply Red singer Mick Hucknall replacing Stewart, and a news report in February 2024 suggested the surviving members of the band (Wood and drummer Kenney Jones) were working on a new album although Stewart said they were ‘struggling’.

“I’ve sent a lot of them [songs] to Ronnie Wood,” Stewart said, according to a story on American “I told him, ‘This is stuff we’ve recorded with my band, maybe The Faces would like to do it instead?’ We’re still struggling to make this album. We’ll see. Some of them might see the light of day.”

7. The Guess Who, Self Pity . . . I admire Randy Bachman as a guitarist, bandleader and producer but I doubt The Guess Who would have done such a terrific funky, vocal-powered by Burton Cummings song like this one from their 1973 album No. 10, had Bachman not left the band after the American Woman album in 1970, leaving Cummings as the undisputed leader.

8. Heart, Bebe Le Strange . . . Title cut from the band’s 1980 album released as the second single from the record (Even It Up was the first) but it was the first Heart single not to make the US Billboard Top 100. Ridiculous of course, it’s a great song, maybe too similar to Even It Up, but a great staccato type track nevertheless, should have been a bigger hit, I like it, so I’m playing it.

9. Chris Isaak, Speak Of The Devil . . . Isaak is best known by most people for his sultry, sexy hit single Wicked Game from the 1989 album Heart Shaped World. Long ago, before one could call up a song at a keystroke, I bought a compilation of his just to have it, and discovered other great stuff, like this one from an artist whose sound has been compared to the likes of Roy Orbison, Elvis Presley, Ricky Nelson and Duane Eddy.

10. Jefferson Airplane, The Last Wall Of The Castle . . . Jefferson Airplane has a big hit album with Surrealistic Pillow in 1967, an album containing the band’s best-known hit songs Somebody To Love and White Rabbit and what do they do as a followup? They go, essentially, back underground, doing the type of thing I admire in creative terms, releasing the almost anti-commercial, psychedelic After Bathing At Baxters, including this Jorma Kaukonen-penned tune featuring his wicked lead guitar.

11. The Kinks, Holloway Jail . . . A couple jail tunes coming up, led by this one from the to me exceptional but commercial failure album that was Muswell Hillbillies, released in 1971. It would probably be categorized as Americana and might do better on the charts were it released today, which is interesting given that Ray Davies did roots rock solo albums titled Americana and Our Country: Americana Act II in 2017 and ’18.

12. Lynyrd Skynyrd, Four Walls Of Raiford (demo version) . . . Acoustic, blues; it’s not really Lynyrd Skynyrd, in a way. It’s original Skynyrd singer Ronnie Van Zant and guitarist Jeff Carlisi, a longtime member of .38 Special, on a song recorded in 1976 and available on bootlegs and/or the Lynyrd Skynyrd box set released in 1991. Regardless how it came about, a great tune.

13. Mott The Hoople, Thunderbuck Ram . . . Mick Ralphs in a rare lead vocal performance (Ian Hunter of course usually sang lead for Mott) on what becomes a kick butt rocker shortly after the beautiful acoustic intro. An AllMusic site reviewer declared this and the entire Mad Shadows second album by Mott The Hoople, released in 1970 before the band achieved stardom, to be a ‘descent downward into murk.’ To which I say: Open your ears.

14. Nazareth, Fat Man . . . Heavy, bluesy, brooding track from the band’s self-titled debut album, released in 1971.
15. The Ozark Mountain Daredevils, Chicken Train . . . Harmonica, fiddles and other fun stuff from the band likely best known for their hits If You Wanna Get To Heaven and Jackie Blue. Dig deeper and they’re so much more, evidenced by this track from their 1973 debut album. I’ve heard it described as “a hillbilly song’. I agree. I like it.

16. Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, The Last DJ . . . OK, yeah this title cut from Petty’s 2002 album was a No. 22 hit but when one is talking the late great Petty, how often do you hear this song referenced? Besides which, while mine is a deep cuts show, I’ve forever stated I do play the occasional single, even hit ones, but for the most part ones that didn’t do so well on the charts or are not often heard since they came out, or are not embedded in the public consciousness as are so many, for instance, of Petty’s songs. So, disclaimer done, this song and the lyrics are exactly why I do my deep cuts show – I play what I want and thankfully am at an independent station that allows me and my fellow DJs here to do so, unlike commercial radio which is rigidly formatted and which prompted me to become a DJ here and create this show. Several songs on the album, like this one, were critical of the music industry and were boycotted by some radio stations, proving Petty’s point.

“I was elated when my song was banned,” Petty told Billboard. “I remember when the radio meant something. We enjoyed the people who were on it, even if we hated them. They had personalities. They were people of taste, who we trusted. And I see that vanishing.”

17. Quicksilver Messenger Service, The Fool . . . Long jam from a band that was part of the 1960s San Francisco scene along with the Jefferson Airplane and Grateful Dead yet never ascended to those bands’ commercial heights.

18. Keith Richards, Amnesia . . . From Richard’s most recent and so far last solo album, 2015’s Crosseyed Heart. It chugs along around Richards’ distinctive guitar sound and soloing.

19. Steppenwolf, Power Play . . As I’ve often said, Steppenwolf is so far beyond just Magic Carpet Ride and Born To Be Wild, great tunes both of course but selling the band short on the many great songs, with topical at the time and forever lyrics, that the group has released.

20. Ten Years After, Woman Trouble . . . Boogie rock from Alvin Lee and company from the second TYA album, Stonedhenge, released in 1969. TYA was immortalized by Lee’s guitar performace on I’m Going Home from Woodstock yet Lee, and TYA, were more than that space in time – my deliberate nod to the band’s 1971 album A Space In Time which yielded the terrific hit single I’d Love To Change The World. A band well worth exploring more deeply, if you haven’t.

21. U2, The Three Sunrises . . . Nice guitar work from The Edge on this track, originally a B-side on The Unforgettable Fire single from that album in 1984. It was later released on the Wide Awake In America EP in 1985 and then a limited edition expanded version of the compilation The Best Of 1980-1990, released in 1998.

22. Van Halen, Little Dreamer . . . One of my favorites from an album full of them, the band’s explosive 1978 debut record that gave us such timeless tunes as Runnin’ With The Devil, the Eddie Van Halen guitar showcase Eruption, Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love and VH’s cover of the Kinks’ classic You Really Got Me.

23. Wishbone Ash, Time Was . . . All the elements of Wishbone Ash – progressive, folk and hard rock – come together on this 10-minute highlight of the Argus album, 1972.

24. XTC, Ten Feet Tall . . . Making Plans For Nigel and a great track it was, was the only single released from the 1979 XTC album Drums And Wires but I recall this song getting lots of airplay in Canada during my college days.

25. Yes, Parallels . . From the Going For The One album, 1977. The song, written by bassist Chris Squire, was originally targetted for his solo album Fish Out Of Water but he didn’t think it fit for that record so he brought it to the band which gave it a typical orchestral type Yes treatment.

26. Warren Zevon, The Overdraft . . . No, this rocker from the 1982 album The Envoy is not about the usual/perpetual state of my bank account. But it could be. Nice guitar from a usual Zevon accomplice, Waddy Wachtel, later to become a key member of Rolling Stone Keith Richards’ X-Pensive Winos.



“No St. Patrick’s Day during Genocide” places focus on Palestine

A group of local Irish community members is asking the public to support and advocate for Palestinians this St Patrick’s Day. The group hopes to draw attention to the current deteriorating situation in Palestine.

Justine Rogers Basan, an organizer of the event, explains how the day will highlight the genocide in Gaza and the historical solidarity between the Irish and Palestinian people and draw parallels between the oppression experienced by both communities. The organizers of the event have called for a ceasefire, a Canadian arms embargo, and an end to the occupation in Palestine.

“No St. Patrick’s Day during Genocide” will take place at Waterloo Town Square on March 17 at 11 am.

The Clean Up Hour, Mix 257

What’s up, y’all? New Clean Up Hour for y’all a bit early:


Earl Sweatshirt & SK La’Flare – Pre
Lil B – C*caine Blunts
The Cool Kids – IT’S YOURS, PT. 2
Little Simz – I Ain’t Feeling It
Injury Reserve – Plastic Cup
Lil Scrappy & Yo Gotti – Get Right
G Perico – If I Ruled the World (G-Style)
Paul Wall, Devin the Dude, & Curren$y – Crumble the Satellite
ScHoolboy Q & Freddie Gibbs – oHio
Nori – Murangos
Amine – Charamander
Tyga & T-Pain – Celebration
Ariana Grande – the boy is mine
Nori – Girl is Mine
KYLE & Tinashe – Who’s Taking You Home
CASISDEAD & Later – Before This
4batz & Drake – act ii: date @ 8 (remix)
Sy Ari Da Kid – Eye Contact From a Goddess
Flying Lotus & Erykah Badu – See Thru To U
Janelle Monae & Big Boi – Tightrope
Asher Roth, Homeboy Sandman, lojii, & Heather Gray – Heaven
Busta Rhymes & Q-Tip – You Can’t Hold the Torch
R.A.P Ferreira & ELDON – mr. susan type slapper
Jae Skeese, Rome Streetz, Ty Farris, & Superior – Cantonese Characters
LNDN DRGS & Compton’s Most Wanted – Amalfi Drive
Nori – Holloway Road
Statik Selektah & Joey Bada$$ – Life & Times
Elliott Niezel & Moka Only – Float
Ransom & Harry Fraud – The Losses
Rory & Reason – Sobering Thoughts From the Mondrian
Big K.R.I.T – $30
Sunmundi & klwn cat – I Lived
Nitty Scott, MC, Soul Khan, & Akie Bermiss – A Beautiful Struggle

See y’all next time!

Through the Static 29 – 13/03/24

Shameless self-promotion time! Playing a nice selection of tunes today, many of which are themed around the exhibits from this years Knowledge Integration Exhibition! Running from Monday March 18-Saturday March 23 at the St Jeromes Gymnasium on the University of Waterloo campus, check it out and learn more here!

Check out the podcast!

KIX 2024: Knowledge Integration Exhibition at University of Waterloo, March 18-23

Knowledge Integration Exhibition 2024

Visit from Monday & Tuesday, March 18, 19, Thursday & Friday Mrch 21, & 22: 11 am-6pm, Wednesday, March 20: 11am-4:30pm, Saturday, March 23: 10am-4pm

St. Jerome’s University, Siegfried Hall

Residence Wellness Centre Gym,

290 Westmount Rd N, Waterloo, ON N2L

Songs played today per request:

Sarah McLachlan, Rarities, B-sides and Other Stuff. Vol. 2: Time after Time, Composer Lyricist: C. Lauper and R. Hyman (Duet with Cyndi and Sarah).

Gordon Lightfoot, The Way I feel: Song For A Winter’s Night

Bruce Cockburn, Stealing Fire: Lovers In A Dangerous Time

Red Hot Chili Peppers, Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magic:Under the Bridge

Radiohead, In Rainbows: Jigsaw Falling Into Place




Irish Real Live Festival focuses on alternative ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is coming up — and with it, a whole bunch of stereotypes about Irish culture. The organizers of the Irish Real Life Festival in Kitchener wants to move beyond the usual narrative towards a deeper understanding of Irish culture in the broader world.

The eight-day festival is in its 9th year and celebrates all elements of Irish culture and not just those which, in 2019, led to a party that at its peak saw 33,000 students converge on Ezra St in Waterloo.

The Festival kicked off last weekend in Kitchener amidst local and international tensions. Organizers of the Irish Life Festival spoke with CKMS News about how they are working to expand people’s understanding of the Irish story by, if not detaching it from the association with heavy drinking, at least showcasing another side of Irish culture.

Within this year’s program, various events draw on Irish storytelling, spirituality and history to demonstrate similarities between different cultures and how, even in the face of war, peace is possible.

FROM THE VOID #89 March 12th

Welcome to Episode #89 of From the Void

Tonight is all about the Pieces and my 40th Birthday!

My new podcast with Co – Host Peri Urban is on YouTube, it’s called The Listening Eyebrow and its about deep listening to good music.

ALSO!!! I released  a new album. Taste the Future.  You TubeBandcamp or where ever you stream your music!

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So Old It’s New set list for Monday, March 11, 2024

So Old It’s New set list for Monday, March 11, 2024
1. Golden Earring, Are You Receiving Me
2. Blind Faith, Had To Cry Today
3. Rush, I Think I’m Going Bald
4. Detroit (featuring Mitch Ryder), Rock ‘N Roll (Lou Reed/Velvet Underground cover)
5. Lou Reed, Kicks
6. The Moving Sidewalks (featuring Billy Gibbons, pre-ZZ Top), Joe Blues
7. The Rolling Stones, Dreamy Skies
8. Robin Trower, Too Rolling Stoned
9. The 31st Of February, (precursor band to The Allman Brothers Band), God Rest His Soul
10. The Allman Brothers Band, Leave My Blues At Home
11. Elton John, Your Sister Can’t Twist (but she can rock ‘n roll)
12. Judas Priest, Invincible Shield
13. KK’s Priest, Reap The Whirlwind
14. Paul McCartney/Wings, Dear Friend
15. John Lennon, Out The Blue
16. George Harrison, Woman Don’t You Cry For Me
17. Ringo Starr, Beaucoups Of Blues
18. Roger Waters, Picture That

Radio Nowhere Episode 53, 3/9/24 (Pre-Empted, Replay on 3/14 only)

Download:, 58m04s, 80.0 MBytes

El Pescador Los Super Seven
Que te parece Los Tigres del Norte
Poder Vivir The Mavericks
Los Laureles Linda Ronstadt
She’s not there Santana
Someday Baby B.B. King
The House That Jack Built Aretha Franklin
Telegram Sam T Rex
Gypsy Eyes The Jimi Hendrix Experience
Deserted Cities of the Heart Cream
It Serve You Right to Suffer John Lee Hooker
Light Of The Morning Band Of Skulls
Faded Ben Harper
River of Blood The Black Angels

2023 Golden MP3 Award Winners

You are invited! | CKMS Golden MP3 Awards Party 2024 | At Ouroboros Sports Lounge | Refreshments 5pm | Awards 6pm | Live Performances 7pm | * Burnaby * Eddy * Tristan Stronge * HolliZay * | DJ: Carmelo & Nattyphysicist | MARCH.9.2024 | 101 Hazelglen Dr. Kitchener | CKMS-FM 102.7 RADIOWATERLOO.CA The Golden MP3 Awards were awarded at the CKMS Golden MP3 Awards Party 2024 held at the Ouroboros Sports Lounge on 9 March 2024. And also on 10 March 2024, since the party went long into the night.

There was entertainment by Jordan Kalist, Atomica, Tristan Stronge, Eddy Cabral, Burnaby, and HolliZay, with DJ Natty Physicist and DJ Carmelo filling in between sets. And the evening was Live-To-Air on CKMS-FM 102.7 Radio Waterloo, so a good time was had by all, even those who couldn’t be there in person.

Coral Andrews response to recognition of 45 years at CKMS

Radio Waterloo audio: coral-andrews-golden-MP3-awards-march-9-2024.mp3, 2m54s, 2 MBytes


Radio Waterloo Video: 2024-Golden-MP3-Awards-videos.mp4, 1m48s, 133 MBytes

The 2023 Golden MP3 Award Winners

DJ AdRock Memorial Award
Golden MP3 CKMS Awards | DJ AdRock Memorial Award | 2012 - DJ Steel | 2013 - DJ Saviour | 2014 - The NattyPhysicist | 2015 - DJ Jeff E Jeff | 2016 - Moses Bogart | 2017 - Pete Fowler | 2018 - DJ Raph Kanai | 2019 - Francis Claire | 2020 - Indira Singh | 2021 - Late Night Vibes | 2023 - Father To Son
DJ AdRock Memorial Award: 2023 – Father To Son

The DJ Adrock Memorial Award for Exceptional DJing goes to 2G1WKBA Indie rock round composition. Color illustration of music-related objects such as guitar, sound amplifier, rock inscriptions. Template for posterFather To Son, hosted by Ben Van Osch and Gary Van Osch.

LP Show
Golden MP3 CKMS Awards | Best LP Show | 2013 - Mano A Mano | 2014 - Mano A Mano | 2015 - Mano A Mano | 2016 - Mano A Mano | 2017 - So Old it's New | 2018 - Rebel Time Radio | 2019 - Souljah Sessions | 2020 - Denim Entertainment | 2021 - Street Hop | 2023 - Interzone
Best LP Show: 2023 – Interzone

The LP Show is awarded to a great Long Playing show that has been on the air for three or more years. It goes to (colour solarized photo of a woman with long hair, looking a bit surprised)Interzone, hosted by Squeeky Submersive.

Freshest Beats
Golden MP3 CKMS Awards | Freshest Beats | 2013 - Friday Night Rockabilly | 2014 - The Electrifying Sessions | 2015 - The Lost Indie City | 2016 - Ska Party/Radio Hootenany | 2017 - Golden Record | 2018 - Requiem For Rock | 2019 - Golden Record | 2020 - Changemakers Without Borders & Val Scheer's Eclectic Garage | 2021 - Truth Radio | 2023 - Through The Static
Freshest Beats: 2023 – Through The Static

Freshest Beats is awarded to a show in the first three years of existence: Through The Static (black letters on a background of B&W television static, with a sound waveform running between the words)Through The Static hosted by Jordan Kalist.

Community Radio Award
Golden MP3 CKMS Awards | Community Radio Award | 2013 - DJ Zach (Highbrau) | 2014 - Moses Bogart (local 1/2 hr.) | 2015 - DJ Carmelo (fresh 5) | 2016 - DJ JD (TUSP) | 2017 - Mr. K (MyAudioFace) | 2018 - 3 nines Radio (LTA) | 2019 - Let's Chit Chat with Narine Dat | 2020 - Community Connections | 2021 - Bollywood Mirchi | 2023 - Atardecer Ranchero
Community Radio Award: 2023 – Atardecer Ranchero

Atardecer Rancher | CKMS 102.7 FM Radio Waterloo | Horario de 04:00pm - 06:00pm | Tiempo del Este | Tel: 519-884-2567Atardecer Ranchero hosted by DJ Felix Ranchero wins the Community Radio Award, given to a show that exemplifies what Community Radio is all about.

Best Talk Focus
Golden MP3 CKMS Awards | Best Talk Focus | 2019 - Community Connections | 2020 - I am Everything | 2021 - Requiem For Rock | 2023 - Story Telling
Best Talk Focus: 2023 – Story Telling

The most interesting spoken word and informative talk program was voted Story Telling with Kerime Carpan.

Best Cultural / Culturally Diverse
Golden MP3 CKMS Awards | Best Cultural / Culturally Diverse | 2016 - Caribbean Spice | 2017 - Dominican Culture | 2018 - Mazaj Show | 2019 - Mazaj Show | 2020 - Caribbean Spice | 2021 - Atardecer Ranchero | 2023 - Mazaj Show
Best Cultural / Culturally Diverse: 2023 – Mazaj Show

This award is given to either the best show expanding the cultural diversity of the station or a show that features many diverse cultures or features a culture that is under-represented in the area. The award goes to Mazaj Show... Ahla Show | on Waterloo Radio 102.7 with Bassam AwwadMazaj Show produced by Bassam Awwad.

Best Graphic Material
Golden MP3 CKMS Awards | Best Graphic Material | 2015 - Audio Tsunami | 2016 - Street Hop & Souljah Sessions | 2017 - BoD - CKMS Logo | 2018 - Wide World of Motor Sport | 2019 - Mano A Mano | 2020 - Rob's Rewind | 2021 - Community Connections | 2023 - From The Void
Best Graphic Material: 2023 – From The Void

From The Void hosted by Chris Sherren wins for the show with best supporting images either through a poster, logo, or website posts.

Most Original Program
Golden MP3 CKMS Awards | Most Orginal Program | 2014 - The Agriculture Show | 2015 - Thanks for listening & Blue Sky Horse Radio | 2016 - Radio Absurdica | 2017 - Golden Record | 2018 - VMedia | 2019 - Tolking Cannabis | 2020 - Klausterfokken | 2021 - Sargam | 2023 - Unlimited Fortune
Most Original Program: 2023 – Unlimited Fortune

Most Original Program goes to Unlimited Fortune (a ceramic(?) head painted red on a green background with yellow lettering)Unlimited Fortune with Stephen Baltus and John Keating for a show that is very original and can only be found on Radio Waterloo.

The Sonic Boom Award
Golden MP3 CKMS Awards | Sonic Boom Award | 2018 - Mano A Mano | 2019 - Pressure Drop | 2020 - Pressure Drop & Requiem for Rock | 2021 - It's A Vibe with Sherice | 2023 - Truth Radio
Sonic Boom Award: 2023 – Truth Radio

Truth Radio hosted by Mandeep Chagger wins the Sonic Boom Award. The name is an homage to the old sonic boom awards and is given to a show playing great music.

SoundFM Soldier
Golden MP3 CKMS Awards | SoundFM Soldier | 2013 - Dan, Nat (station move) | 2014 | Mark, Dan (CRTC license) | 2015 - Mark, Nat (station move) | 2016 - Nat, Cam (station running) | 2017 - Nat, Rob (OTF grant) | 2018 - Bob, Nat (tech stuff) | 2019 - Bob, Chris (more tech) | 2020 - Bob, Jeff (COVID support) | 2021 - Lee Gregory (community support) | 2023 - Gary Van Osch & Barbara Urbach (studio painting)
SoundFM Soldier: 2023 – Gary Van Osch & Barbara Urbach (studio painting)

The SoundFM Soldier award is given to two members who have put in a lot of work behind the scenes to keep Radio Waterloo Community Radio alive. The name is an homage to the past nickname of the station and the hard work that people did at that time to move the station from the UW campus and to become its own entity. The winners are Gary Van Osch and Barbara Urbach for painting the studio.

Video Crown the Radio Star
Golden MP3 CKMS Awards | Video Crown the Radio Star | 2018 - Natty Physicist | 2019 Reggae Patrol | 2020 - Atardecer Ranchero | 2021 Atardecer Ranchero | 2023 Community Connections
Video Crown the Radio Star: 2023 – Community Connections

CKMS 102.7 FM Radio Waterloo | Community Connectiion (black and magenta letters on a square teal background)CKMS Community Connections wins the award for the show that best utilizes the studio video system to support their program. The Executive Producer of CKMS Community Connections is Jennifer Stronge, associate producers are Jeff Stager and Bob Jonkman.

Teamwork Transition
Golden MP3 CKMS Awards | Teamwork Transition | 2028 - Denim Ent. & 3 Nines Radio | 2019 - Into the Void & The Riley Powis Show | 2020 - Wax Jungle & Street Hop | 2021 - The Jack and Marc Show | 2023 - Wax Jungle & Pressure Drop
Teamwork Transition: 2023 – Wax Jungle & Pressure Drop

The Wax Jungle with a face between the wordsThe Wax Jungle with Raph Kanai, Maciek Gudrymowicz, and Carmelo Farruggio, and Pressure Drop (side portrait of Nat Persaud)Pressure Drop with Nat Persaud win the award for the best 1-2 seamless transition programs on Radio Waterloo.

Local Liaison of Canada
Golden MP3 CKMS Awards | Local Liaison of Canada | 2013 - Non-toxic Airwaves | 2014 - Coral FM | 2015 - Coral FM | 2016 - Interzone | 2017 - Caribbean Spice | 2018 - MC Narine for Caribbean Spice & Chit Chat with Narine Dat | 2019 - In Conversation with Rashmi | 2020 - CKMS Newsroom | 2021 - Let's Chit Chat with Narine Dat | 2023 - Let's Chit Chat with Narine Dat
Local Liaison of Canada: 2023 – Let’s Chit Chat with Narine Dat

Chit Chat poster with Gehan SabryLet’s Chit Chat with Narine Dat wins the Local Liaison of Canada award for the DJ who puts local stories on a national level.

FUNdraiser of the Year
Golden MP3 CKMS Awards | FUNdraiser of the Year | 2016 - Moses Bogart | 2017 - DJ Cam (Denim) | 2018 - Jeff Stager | 2019 - Narendra Grover | 2020 - DJ Steel | 2023 - Carmelo Farruggio
FUNdraiser of the Year: 2023 – Carmelo Farruggio

Carmelo Farruggio is the FUNdraiser of the Year, for promoting a FUN spirit during our fundraising efforts.

Robot Apocalypse Remote Broadcast
Golden MP3 CKMS Awards | Robot Apocalypse Remote Broadcast | 2020 - Mano A Mano (COVID & ISO fest) | 2021 - Mano A Mano (Play it Forward) | 2023 - Virasat Radio
Robot Apocalypse Remote Broadcast: 2023 – Virasat Radio

The Robot Apocalypse Remote Broadcast is given to Virasat Radio, produced by Baljinder Tamber, for the show that best uses Remote Live-To-Air.

Awards for Years of On-Air Programming

In addition to the Golden MP3 awards, CKMS recognized our show hosts for years of service to the community. Hosts of shows 10 years and over received a certificate signed by our President and Secretary. Congratulations to those who have passed these milestones!

One Year on Air

  • Radio Nowhere – DON JANZEN
  • Music with Kara and Michele – MICHELE MERCER, KARA SHAW, LYNDA SHAW
  • Mixtape Monopoly – LUKE HICKSON
  • Through the Static – JORDAN KALIST

Two Years on Air

  • 81 82 83 84 – LEE GREGORY
  • Radio Boorama – HAMUD ELMI
  • 100X Life – AJIT SEERHA
  • The Jack and Marc Show – MARC OPIE, JACK VAN BRUNSCHOT
  • Truth Radio – MANDEEP CHAGGER
  • Atardecer Radio  – FELIX GRANDE
  • Reggae Patrol – SHAWN BUSH
  • The Clean Up Hour – RICHARD GILES

Five Years on Air

  • Bollywood Mirchi – ANDY NAGPAL
  • Into the Void, From The Void – CHRIS SHERREN
  • Requiem For Rock – ALEX SMART
  • Sauti Za Africa – YASIN DEWJI
  • The Riley Powis Show – RILEY POWIS
  • Virasat Radio – BALJINDER TAMBER
  • Mazaj Show – BASSAM AWWAD
  • Blue Sky Horse Radio (2015-2022), CKMS Community Connections, The Regime – JENNIEFER STRONG

Ten Years on Air

  • Klausterfokken – MASON TIKL

Fifteen Years on Air

  • Swing and Blues Show 2009 – 2011), The Agriculture Show (2012 – 2024), Golden Record ( 2018-2024) – JEFF STAGER
  • AW@L Radio, CKMS News – DAN KELLAR
  • Mano A Mano – ROB MCKENNA
  • So Old It’s New – KARLO BERKOVICH
  • Afternoon Drive – COLIN JOHNSON
  • The Wax Jungle – RAPH KANAI

Twenty Years on Air

  • Let’s Chit Chat with Narine Dat, Caribbean Spice – NARINE SOOKRAM
  • Street Hop, The Wax Jungle – CARMELO FARRUGGIO

Twenty-five Years on Air

  • Pressure Drop – NAT PERSAUD
  • Late Night Vibes (Nov 2021), The Wax Jungle, Magik Beats (1998) – MACIEK GUDRYMOWICZ

Thirty Years on Air

  • Sargam – INDIRA SINGH

Forty-five Years on Air

  • Interzone – CORAL ANDREWS



New Music Added to Libretime + Horizon Broadening Hour #21

What’s up, y’all? Hopefully you’re enjoying the live-to-air Golden MP3 awards right now. If you’re still hungry for more afterwards, here is the Horizon Broadening Hour a day early. First, though, here is what I have added to Libretime in the last week:

Sound of Lions 11:44 Pop CanCon
Sightlines “Summer” EP Punk Indeterminable
Divine Pocket Bouncers Divine Pocket Bouncers R&B No
Curbside Sofa Curbside Sofa Rock CanCon
Joel LeBlanc & Ken Aldcroft The Long and the Short of It Jazz CanCon
The Shiitake Project 5 Days in Bath Pop CanCon
Mike Janzen Carols Christmas/Holiday CanCon
Acres & Acres Truth & Sky Pop CanCon
Manafest Fighter Religious CanCon
Tough Mitts Tough Mitts EP Electronica Indeterminable
J. Eygenraam Cheap Talk Alternative No
Yes Nice Warm Gun Indie Rock CanCon
Snake River (Mountain Gospel Youth Band Songs No One’ll Hear Alternative CanCon
The Occupational Side Effects Not Your Dealer’s Friend Rock CanCon
Parallels XII Alternative CanCon
Michael Wood Occupy This Rock CanCon
The Beladeans E.P. R&B No
Catgut Fightpicker Indie Rock Indeterminable
Lioness The Golden Killer Rap NSFR (presumed) CanCon
Woods of Ypres Woods 5: Grey Skies & Electric Light Metal No
Divine Fits A Thing Called Divine Fits Alternative Indeterminable
Souls Rest Better Weapon Other CanCon
The Trews …Thank You And I’m Sorry Alternative CanCon
The Veer Union Divide the Blackened Sky Alternative CanCon
Richard Underhill Tales from the Blue Lounge Jazz CanCon
Lucky Widmore Long Time Coming Unknown NSFR (potentially) Indeterminable
Stefan Christoff Temps Libre Jazz CanCon

The good news — I believe the entirety of our in-studio CD shelf will have been uploaded to the system by this time next week!

Here is the Horizon Broadening Hour:


Protosequence – Parasitic
Van Halst – World of Make Believe
Monarch Woods – Nets in the Night
Fayne – Nomad’s Land
Black Crown Initiate – Shape’s Collapse
Kolony – The Trial
Woods of Ypres – Career Suicide (Is Not Real Suicide)
Cannons – State of Emergency
Sal Lima – Goin Rockin
Supermoon – Witching Hour
James Kasper – Old Hearts of Rust
DJ Champion – Julio’s Holy Rodeo
Sam Weber – Buddy
Look Vibrant – Cauliflower
Duotang – That’s What Keeps us Alive
Child’s Play – Love Walmart
Karen Potje – Too Late Too Long Too Old
The Goatbox Rebels – Black Tooth Grin
Matt Patershuk – Little Guitar
Nick Dehod – Death of a Cynic
Rant Maggie Rant – Southwestern Ontario Town
Government Town – Godforsaken Town
Chucky Macdonald – Our Little Friend the Sun
Ron Beer – Hawaii Bound
Emily Millard – Where is God
Velvet Vice – Urban Instinct

See y’all next week!

Radio Waterloo